What is Special Education Administration?

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Special education administration is a group of people that works in a school system or individual school and leads the special education team. The team often includes administrators, special education teachers, and instructional assistants. The special education administration is to provide support for the teachers, students, and parents that are in special education programs. The administration team also monitors all the current special education programs, policies, and funding.

Teachers who work in the classroom often need special education administration to help determine educational goals and sit in on meetings with the students and their families. Once the student's goals are written, the administrator will help the teacher to provide instruction for those goals. The administration team also helps the teacher to comply with all the special education laws. In most schools, teachers are given yearly performance evaluations from the administrator.

The students are also provided help from the special education administration. The administrator will review the student's progress and determine if goals need to be changed. He or she will also make sure that each special education student is in the right classroom placement, which should be the student's least-restrictive environment. Students will be reevaluated each year and the administrator will help to write an individualized education plan.


The special education administration will support parents who are going through the process of placing their child in a special education classroom. The parents will need to know their parental rights under the law and resources to help their child. The administrator will become the mediator during meetings between the teacher and parents. They will also provide at-home activities for the families.

It is important that the special education administration monitors current programs and helps to develop future programs. These programs are often tested as pilot programs, and the administrator will keep data to determine the success of each new program. It is part of the administrator's job to know all the policies put in place by the school system. He or she will also help to create new policies that will support the special education team and the students.

The administrator of special education will keep track of all the money that comes in from different sources. This money will be budgeted across the school system for special education programs. The administrator will help to gain more money for special education by writing grants and letters for additional funds. The special education administration team will also reach out to the community for help with educational resources.


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