What Is Soundproofing Insulation?

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Soundproofing insulation is a man-made material that is designed to absorb sound waves. This type of insulation is commonly installed in recording studios, meeting rooms and concert halls. The purpose of soundproofing materials is to improve the enjoyment of the sound in the initial room through the removal of external noises, and to eliminate the traveling of the sound waves outside the room.

Basic soundproofing materials can be purchased from your local home repair store. This product is called soundboard and is made from tightly compressed wood and recycled paper. This material is able to absorb sound waves and is easy to install.

If the wall is an outside wall, then you will need to demolish the interior drywall in the room where you want to install the soundproofing insulation. Install the soundboard and then pack the space with fiberglass insulation. Reinstall the drywall and then paint.

If the wall is an internal wall, simply install the soundproofing materials in between the interior drywall layers. For a completely soundproof room, you must also insulate the ceiling. Once you have installed soundproofing insulation, there are certain items that must be considered in the maintenance of the soundproofing.


Every hole made into the soundproofing insulation reduces its effectiveness. If you make a hole to hang up a picture and remove the picture, do not remove the nail. Hammer it into the hole and paint over it. This will ensure that the continuity of the soundproofing is maintained.

Caulking has an important role to play in the installation of soundproofing materials. Any holes in the insulation provide a channel for the sound waves to travel through. Remove these invisible channels by using caulking on every wall seam, including ceiling to wall, wall to door and wall to floor.

Installing soundproofing insulation is not a very difficult task, but the demolition of existing drywall, re-installation of the drywall and finishing the wall are all specialized skills. Contact your local home renovation firm to obtain a quote for this work. If your room has a suspended ceiling, this work can usually be completely fairly quickly and with minimal expense.


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