What is Somatomedin C?

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Somatomedin C is a human hormone responsible for cellular growth, particularly in children. Molecularly similar to insulin, somatomedin C is also known to have powerful anabolic, muscle building effects in adults and has been rumored to exhibit positive anti-aging characteristics. Also known as insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) or mechano growth factor, the hormone is produced by the liver in response to human growth hormone (HGH) stimulation. The presence of IGF-1 in the blood enhances the effects of HGH and causes accelerated growth and muscle regeneration.

The somatomedin C hormone is a complex array of 70 chained amino acids primarily responsible for stimulating cell growth. The hormone is most actively utilized during a child's growing years; those suffering from IGF-1 deficiencies often develop stunted growth disorders such as Laron dwarfism. In its synthesized forms, it is also commonly used in therapeutic applications for treating a selection of disorders. Research into the additional benefits of somatomedin C are ongoing with the results of clinical trials showing much promise. Some of the afflictions which appear to have encouraging results during these trials include type 1 and 2 diabetes, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, myotonic muscular dystrophy, and burn injuries.


The cell growth stimulation characteristics of IGF-1 has also found favor among fitness and bodybuilding fans who have found that the hormone helps build muscle quickly and accelerates injury recovery times. The claimed efficacy of the substance as an anti-aging agent has also generated much interest. IGF-1 has apparently shown positive results in combating oxidative stress and cellular degeneration associated with aging. These uses have led to a boom in the somatomedin C supplement market with several pharmaceutical companies offering lines of the synthesized hormone.

As is the case with most organic compounds however, maintaining a healthy, natural balance geneally wins first prize. The physical factors which govern the production of somatomedin C in the human body are complex and highly individualistic. Factors such as genetic profile, age, sex, stress levels, body mass index, race, exercise regimens, and even the time of day all play a role in IGF-1 production. This makes benchmarking the natural production of the hormone difficult, although a healthy lifestyle with good dietary habits, adequate exercise, and stress relief will certainly encourage natural production. If a somatomedin C deficiency is diagnosed, there is always the aforementioned wealth of supplements available to assist natural production. It is best to consult a qualified healthcare professional first, however.


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