What Is Social Media Management?

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Social media management is a term used to describe the collective strategies that businesses utilize to generate a greater presence among consumers using various types of social media. To this end, businesses design specific public relations and publicity initiatives that include the use of blogging, social networks, and the creation of online content that engages search engine optimization or SEO to attract the attention of consumers. In the broadest sense, social media management is about developing online marketing approaches that connect with potential customers via sites that are already in constant use by those consumers.

One of the core elements in any social media management scheme is learning the essentials of search engine optimization, or SEO. This term refers to the judicious use of keywords and keyphrases within the content of a web site so that pages on the site appear higher in search engine results. The process of SEO involves not only the text found on a web page, but also the description of the page that is recognized by search engines; this description is sometimes referred to as a meta tag. It is important to note that using relevant keywords and tags is important in this process. Gratuitous use of keywords that have no relevance to the subject of the web site will often undermine the entire purpose and cause the pages to appear much lower in search engine results.

Along with utilizing search engine optimization effectively, social media management also involves prudent use of blogs to promote the business enterprise. A blog will often include writings that discuss some subject that is relevant to the goods and services offered by the company for sale, and will include links back to the company’s main web site at appropriate points within the text. When paired with SEO so the blog appears high on search engine results, this helps to provide another avenue for getting clients to the main web site and motivating them to make a purchase.

The use of social networking sites is also key to the success of any social media management strategy. By using networks like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, businesses can build connections with consumers and routinely promote their products to those consumers. For example, a local restaurant may choose to create a Facebook page and post daily messages regarding the day’s lunch and dinner specials, share links on restaurant reviews, and other information that motivates consumers to not only patronize the restaurant, but share those same links and information with others in their social networks.

Social media management can even include participating in forums inhabited by consumers who are likely to be interested in the goods and services offered by the company. Here, the focus is on participating in forum discussions in a manner that provides useful information but does not focus solely on trying to sell products. By building rapport with others who visit the forum, the chances of those consumers visiting the company web site and eventually becoming customers is enhanced. At the very least, the effort generates goodwill among consumers, which can indirectly aid the company in its future endeavors.

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