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Slimaluma™ is a dietary supplement designed to manage obesity through the suppression of hunger. It is created by using an extract of Caralluma Fimbriatia obtained using a patented process developed by Gencor Pacific, the manufacturer of Slimaluma™. In double blind tests conducted in Los Angeles, California, and in India, the use of the supplement led to significant decreases in body fat and body weight.

The active ingredient in Slimaluma™, Caralluma Fimbriatia, is a plant which is commonly cultivated in India. The plant, known as a natural appetite suppressant, is commonly grown as a vegetable. Upon harvesting, the plant is usually cooked or preserved — like a pickle — for later use. Indian medical experts have been unable to find any toxins in the plant which could limit its use. Caralluma Fimbriatia used to manufacture Slimaluma™ are grown organically gaining the supplement its USDA organic certification in the United States.

Slimaluma™ acts as a simple appetite suppressant by sending signals to the brain triggering a sensation of fullness. Once the supplement goes into effect, it can help to significantly decrease the number of calories consumed daily. It also works to prevent the production of Co-Enzyme A, the enzyme responsible for fat production, while encouraging the growth of lean muscle.


The supplement is meant to be taken 30 minutes prior to each meal in order to achieve maximum results. While diet and exercise are not required, a diet that does not exceed 2,000 calories is recommended. Individuals who participated in the Slimaluma™ research study complained of mild side effects, including constipation and flatulence, which ended shortly after trials were completed.

During the two research studies conducted to test Slimaluma™, no participants complained of any serious side effects. The worst side effects noted were bloating, which led to two participants leaving the study prior to its completion. The sleeplessness, nervousness, or overall discomfort commonly attributed to dietary supplements and weight loss pills were not reported. In fact, some participants noticed an increase in overall energy while taking it.

If an individual is currently under the care of a physician for serious medical problems, the attending physician should be consulted prior to taking the supplement. Women who are currently nursing, pregnant, or planning to become pregnant should also consult a physician before taking Slimaluma™. Taking a multivitamin when using the supplement should also be considered. It is not unusual for dietary supplements that block fat production to prevent the absorption of certain vitamins.


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Post 4

I tried Slimaluma, but my digestive system was just too sensitive to handle it. I experience constipation even without the supplement, so taking it made it worse.

Also, I bloated up like a beach ball. It hurt to button my pants, and I felt very uncomfortable after every meal. It was hard to go back to work after lunch in this condition.

I have no idea whether Slimaluma works or not, because I was so uncomfortable while taking it that I did not want to eat much anyway. If I wasn’t prone to these problems, it might have helped me lose weight.

Post 3

My friend lost ten pounds while on Slimaluma. Her main problem before she started taking it had been uncomfortable hunger pangs. She would eat to stop the cramping in her stomach, even though mentally, she could have resisted her cravings.

Slimaluma made those pangs go away. So, she had total control over when she chose to eat. She had always kept a pretty healthy diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, but I guess the bread and chips were what made it hard for her to lose weight. While she was on Slimaluma, she just didn’t want to eat as much, so she didn’t snack on chips anymore.

Post 2

@popcorn - Slimaluma is one of those supplements in my opinion that works, but you need to combine it with diet and exercise to really see results. For myself I found it helped suppress my cravings, which were really doing me in, especially before bedtime.

I think that with something like the caralluma fimbriata supplement that there is a good chance of losing weight, as good as with any other weight loss product. To be honest, I think most things will work if you put in the effort to do everything as directed and you don't cheat on the diet and exercise portion of the program.

Post 1

Has anyone tried Slimaluma? How were your results, did you see a lot of changes or did it end up in your pile of failed products?

I really want to know how to lose weight without dieting too much. I love my food, and things like weight loss bars and eating nothing but starfruit are just depressing to me.

I really like the idea of taking a supplement that is going to help me lose weight fast without too much effort. I have tried other weight loss programs before and they just never seem to work for me. I am willing to give Slimaluma a chance if it may help.

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