What is Shockwave Energy Coffee?

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Shockwave Energy Coffee is a relatively new product that is part of a family of coffee products that are formulated to provide an extra amount of energy. Shockwave coffee is considered to be one of the more potent energy coffee drinks on the market today, with some current reviews of the product noting that a simple twenty ounce cup is capable of keeping an individual alert and productive for most of a normal business day.

The concept of energy coffee is very much like that of an energy drink. In both scenarios, the substance is formulated with various ingredients that are understood to stimulate the body and help an individual overcome temporary feelings of fatigue or sluggishness. Many of the cold energy drinks employ the use of taurine, ginseng, and a variety of herbal supplements to create a natural lift to the mind and body. Some of the same ingredients are used in various types of coffee products.


At present, information about the contents of Shockwave Energy Coffee is not readily available. Many people speculate that the coffee is formulated to contain a higher level of caffeine than regular coffee. This idea is given some credence by the fact that reviews of the product describe the taste as somewhat strong and slightly bitter. In addition, some consumers have reported beginning to feel a strong lift after no more than a few sips of the brew. Once twenty ounces of the Shockwave Energy Coffee is consumed, the elevated sense of alertness and energy can last for hours. However, some consumers are also reporting a severe drop in energy five to eight hours after consuming the beverage.

Shockwave Energy Coffee is currently available in brewed form at convenience stores that are associated with a few select retail chains. A marketing campaign has been underway since 2007 to increase public awareness of the beverage, including video commercials that are currently streamed online. As time goes on, more convenience stores are likely to begin carrying Shockwave Energy Coffee as more consumers begin to ask for the product.


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It always seems likely to me that the reported severe energy drops come from having rammed around like a wired up wild cat for those five to seven hours.

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Speedway stores are the only places where you can purchase it from that i know of.

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Where can I get this for home?

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Can you buy this coffee to make yourself? Where?

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