What is Shimmer Bronzer?

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Women and men who seek a tan physical appearance often use different types of bronzers to achieve the look. Shimmer bronzer is a cosmetic that can be used to create a temporary tanned quality without using sunlight. Shimmer bronzer makeup also gives the skin a glittery sparkle.

Body bronzer can be applied to most exterior parts of the body. Face bronzer, which usually exists in the form of a pressed powder, typically is accompanied by a bronzer brush for easy application. People who use bronzer can largely control the shade of tan their bodies achieve through use of the product.

Many different types of bronzers are available for purchase. People who wish to avoid messy hands often opt for a spray bronzer, while bronzer lotion can be applied with the hands. Gel bronzer can be used for an instantaneous effect on any areas of the body, while bronzer blush is generally used only on the face and neck.

Some bronzers provide other benefits in addition to darkening the skin and adding shimmer. Moisturizing body bronzer can provide the body with various vitamins as well as treat dry skin. Some types of tanning bronzer may even provide protection against the sun in the form of a light sunscreen. Bronzer users also use the product to hide cellulite, spider veins, and other unwanted blemishes.


For a natural look, most people opt for a bronzer that is only slightly darker than their original skin tone. Shimmer bronzer should be applied as directed on individual product packaging. Many people who normally wear foundation beneath the rest of their makeup opt to instead use shimmer bronzer during the summer months for a lighter look. To prevent streaks from occurring during application, skin should be fully cleaned and bare prior to use.

Bronzer products are generally considered safe for regular use. They are scientifically proven to be much safer than tanning through direct sunlight or commercial tanning beds. Some ingredients, such as parabens, sulfates, and other additives present in many different types of makeup, have been linked to negative health effects. Some natural bronzers free of oil, dyes, parabens, phthalates, and other ingredients are also available on the market for those who worry about possibly harmful ingredients.

Before applying shimmer bronzer to large areas, it should first be tested on a small patch of skin. This can help the user avoid serious skin reactions as well as unwanted colorations. Like other forms of makeup, shimmer bronzer can react aversely with a person's coloring, resulting in an orange shade rather than the tan intended.


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Post 3

@turquoise-- Have you tried a mineral shimmer bronzer? I highly recommend it. It contains mineral pigments so the bronzer looks very natural and blends easily into skin. Make sure that the bronzer has no talc or oil.

Post 2

I like a bit of shimmer in my make up too but I haven't had much luck with shimmer bronzers. I don't know if it's the product or if I'm not applying it correctly.

No matter how lightly I apply bronzer, it's always too dark or too shimmery. Instead of having a natural, bronze skin tone, I usually end up looking like a clown. The bronzer seems to just sit on top of my skin. I've even had the shimmers of a bronzer wipe off when I touched my face! Why can't I just get nice, glowing skin?

Post 1

I love shimmer powder bronzer. As long as the shimmer is not excessive, I think that a shimmer bronzer looks best.

I have a medium skin tone so I have a hard time finding a good bronzer. Either a bronzer is too dark for me or it's too light. The only type of bronzer that works is a light toned bronzer with shimmers. Even though the bronzer is not very visible, the shimmers reflect light when I'm outdoors and create a healthy, glowy look. This is exactly what I want. I like bronzers with gold shimmers, they suit my skin tone best.

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