What Is Shea Butter Shampoo?

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The nuts of a shea tree, a species native to Africa, are used to make shea butter. Hair products made with this substance are called shea butter shampoo. This type of shampoo could have other ingredients that are beneficial to the hair, and the color and consistency of this shampoo normally varies from many commercial brands. It is used in much the same way as other shampoos and may have unique benefits, especially among certain ethnicities.

Different brands may contain varying amounts of shea butter, so reading the label to find out the concentration of this ingredient can be a good idea. If one of the first three ingredients listed is shea butter, this indicates the shampoo has high levels of this product. Shea butter shampoo could also contain things such as Vitamin E, aloe vera gel, and wheat germ oil because these work with the butter to moisten and strengthen hair strands. It might also include agents that help with lathering and cleansing such as sodium lauryl sulfate.


Shea butter shampoo is typically thicker than other brands of shampoo are because shea butter itself is often very thick. This shampoo may feel very moist to the touch, due to the other ingredients included in this hair product. Natural shampoo is usually white or light yellow due to the color of the shea butter, but adding artificial colors can result in a darker appearance. Shea butter generally does not have an odor, so one of these brands may not have a noticeable fragrance.

Usually, just a few drops of shea butter shampoo are necessary when washing the hair. Applying this hair product to damp hair and then working completely through all hair strands is the normal method of application. Lathering for two to three minutes and then rinsing thoroughly can help avoid product build-up on the scalp. One of these types of shampoo is usually mild enough to use on a daily basis if desired.

Some of the benefits of shea butter shampoo include softer and shinier hair with fewer split ends due to the moisturizing properties of shea butter. Those of African descent may especially benefit from using this product since this ethnic group is often troubled with dry and brittle hair. It does not normally cause an allergic reaction, so people with sensitive skin may also be able to use this hair product. Since it is usually gentle, it can be an ideal type of shampoo for children as well.


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Post 2

@heavanet- Shea butter shampoo is great for dry hair, because it is very moisturizing and also helps keep moisture sealed into the hair shaft. However, it can be heavy, especially if the shampoo is made of natural ingredients that mostly consist of shea butter.

If you want to use a shea butter shampoo on your straight, dry hair, look for one that only has it as an ingredient. Otherwise, a thick, pure shea butter shampoo might cause your hair to look dull and flat.

Post 1

Is shea butter good to use on straight hair that needs extra moisturizing? I have dry hair, but heavy shampoos usually do not work very well for me.

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