What Is Shaving Cream Paint?

L. Whitaker

Shaving cream paint is an inexpensive and simple alternative to store-bought children's paints, made by mixing shaving cream with food coloring or tiny amounts of tempera paint. This mixture is appropriate for use on paper or for bathtime play. Additionally, this type of paint is said to be nearly spill-proof, as the paint will cling to the brush or container rather than dripping downward like tempera paint.

Shaving cream.
Shaving cream.

Whether using one to two drops of food coloring or a very small amount of tempera paint, it is only necessary to have on hand the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. Any desired colors can be created by mixing the primary hues together. Adults who are supervising the painting process can encourage kids to explore what happens when they mix some of the paint colors together. According to some sources, food coloring is less expensive than tempera paint and will produce equally colorful results when used with shaving cream.

A muffin tin or ice cube tray can be used to hold the paint. Simply spray a small amount of shaving cream into each area of the tray or tin, add a single drop of food coloring, and mix in the color. Kids can use a brush or their fingers to make shaving cream paint creations on paper. Other possible tools for applying shaving cream paint could include feathers, string, or cotton swabs.

Shaving cream paint is ideal for use in the bathtub. Offer children a selection of shaving cream colors at bathtime, allowing them to make marks on the tub walls and their own bodies. All remnants of shaving cream will be easily rinsed away at the end of the bath. Note that it could be possible to discolor some kinds of bathtub tile grout by exposure to food coloring, so it's best to use caution in these areas.

When mixed with equal parts of white school glue, shaving cream paint can also become puffy and dimensional. Just stir the two ingredients in a bowl until the consistency is somewhat stiff. Art creations made with this type of paint mixture should be allowed to dry for several hours.

In addition to shaving cream, some other household substances can safely be used to create paint with food coloring or to stretch the supply of tempera paint. Baby wash is said to be similar to shaving cream in its ease of use and simple clean-up, including washing paint from paintbrushes or containers. Liquid starch or corn syrup are also possibilities, but be aware that corn syrup could become sticky and more difficult to clean.

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