What Is Seafood Sausage?

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Seafood sausage is any type of sausage made from fish or shellfish. Popular in coastal regions, seafood sausage may come in link or patty form and may or may not have a pork casing. Though is can be hard to find commercially, depending on the region, it is often made at home.

Fish like salmon and tuna are usually the best choice for seafood sausage because of their high fat content, but any type of seafood, with the exception of oysters, will work. Often both fish and shellfish are combined. Shrimp, scallops, and lobster are all popular in this sausage as well.

Seafood sausage is prepared and cooked in much the same way pork, beef, or turkey sausage is cooked. It may be grilled or put in a slow cooker. Unlike most sausage, however, seafood needs to be cooked carefully because it is more easily overcooked, and less sturdy, than meat sausages.

Egg whites are always included in seafood sausage, as is heavy cream. Both are always chilled first. White, green, or cayenne pepper and salt are frequent ingredients as well. Other spices that might be added are rosemary, lemon grass, tarragon, and nutmeg. Depending on taste preferences, however, most spices can be included.


In addition to spices, parley, mushrooms, green or yellow onion, and tomatoes may also be added. Lemon juice, wine, or brandy are frequent additions as well. Bread crumbs are also found in some sausages.

Casings are usually pork based, but can be made of parchment paper. Paper casings are used simply to shape the sausage while cooking and should not be eaten. Seafood sausage can also be formed into patties or stored in plastic bags in the freezer. Casings do not freeze well, however, so should not be used if the sausage will be frozen after making.

To make seafood sausage, the chosen seafood is first ground in a food processor or meat grinder. The eggs whites and cream are gradually added. The mixture is then transferred to a chilled bowl where the other ingredients are stirred in.

If casings are used, the sausage mixture is then stuffed into them. Usually a pastry bag is used for the stuffing process. The casings are then tied off and poached to cook. If casings are not used, the mixture can be placed in plastic bags and poached, or formed into patties and chilled. Once chilled, the patties can be grilled to cook.


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Post 3

What kind of fish is best for seafood sausage?

I have a recipe that calls for lobster, as well as leeks, herbs, cream and egg whites. I'm not too fond of lobster and would prefer fish but I don't know which type would be best.

Post 2

@simrin-- My boyfriend lived in Alaska and loves sausage and seafood. He made seafood sausage for me several times. It's actually very good, you should give it a try.

It doesn't smell very fishy since it's combined with cream and other ingredients and then stuffed into casings. My boyfriend mainly uses crab, shrimp and lobster meat in his. He adds lots of cream and spices and grills them on the barbecue.

The good part about seafood sausage is that if you prefer a particular seafood over others, you can use more of that ingredient to make the sausage fit your palate.

Post 1

Fish sausage doesn't sound very good. I saw it at a seafood market the other day but didn't have the courage to buy any. I'm so used to sausage being made from pork or beef, I can't even think of seafood being used. Won't it be very heavy after it is cooked?

And doesn't seafood go bad quickly?

Has anyone tried fish sausage?

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