What Is Sate Kambing?

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Sate kambing is a type of Indonesian satay made with goat, lamb, or mutton. Similar to shish kebab, satays are grilled, skewered meats. Unlike shish kebabs, however, satays are always marinated prior to grilling and do not include vegetables on the skewer. Especially popular in Malaysia and Singapore, sate kambing is usually marinated in a soy sauce-based liquid and is generally served with a dipping sauce that has similar ingredients to the marinade.

The marinade for sate kambing always has a soy sauce base. Depending on the version, either sweet or regular soy sauce may be used. Lemon or lime juice, garlic, and onion are also usually included in the marinade. Shallots are included in some versions instead of onion, and lime leaves may be added if lime juice is used. Chilies and tomatoes are additions in some versions as well.

Dipping sauces for sate kambing are varied. Peanut sauce or a spicy or sweet soy sauce are the most frequent choices. Made by grinding roasted peanuts, peanut sauce also includes seasonings such as garlic and red chilies. Brown sugar, lemon juice, coconut milk, and soy sauce are also often added to peanut sauce. Soy-based dipping sauces often have chilies, lime juice, and shallots, in addition to sweet or spicy soy sauce.


Although lamb and mutton versions are plentiful, sate kambing is traditionally made with goat. The meat is cubed and may or may not be skewered before marinating. Though the number varies according to the size of the cubes, usually about four or five pieces of meat are placed on each skewer. The skewers, if wooden, are usually soaked in water before the meat is placed on them. Sometimes lamb liver is include on the skewers as well.

Once the meat is prepared, it is marinated for several hours or overnight. No matter the marinade ingredients, they are usually just mixed together to prepare. Afterward, the liquid is poured over the meat.

When the meat has marinated, it is placed on skewers, if not already skewered, and grilled. An outdoor grill, particularly charcoal, is usually used for cooking. Once cooked, the sate kambing is often served with rice. Sate kambing may also be garnished with fried onions or served with sliced tomatoes, cabbage, or cucumber.

Many sate kambing recipes use the Indonesian words for some ingredients. In Indonesian cuisine, sweet soy sauce is called kecap manis, and regular soy sauce is termed kecap asin. A popular soy based dipping sauce is called sambal kecap.


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