What Is Sandalwood Cream?

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Sandalwood cream is a type of skin care lotion typically scented with the essential oil of sandalwood. Sandalwood is a type of evergreen tree native to Northern Australia, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, and Sri Lanka. The essential oil extracted from these trees has long been used as a fragrance, and is also believed to have medicinal value. Sandalwood cream is believed to have a number of skincare benefits. It can help moisturize skin, relieve itches, chapping, and rashes, and may also reduce the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, and acne. The fragrance of sandalwood is said to help soothe nervous tension and depressed mood while supporting cognitive function.

The fragrance derived from sandalwood has a wide range of applications in the food and fragrance industries. The essential oil of sandalwood is widely used as a food flavoring. The scent of sandalwood appears in fragrances, soaps, incense, and cosmetics. Sandalwood cream is popular in skin care for its beneficial properties.

The skin-care properties of sandalwood cream include moisturizing and exfoliating the skin. This type of cream is often recommended for chapped skin, or for dry, cracked skin. It can support nail health and relieve minor skin irritations. The oil is believed to be antiseptic in nature, and may help to prevent the occurrence of acne, along with various skin infections.


The scent of sandalwood is also important in aromatherapy. Applying sandalwood cream to the skin can help calm strained nerves and enhance mood. Sandalwood aromatherapy is believed to help treat stress, and may help improve mental focus and memory. Essential oil of sandalwood is considered a sedative, and has been used to treat mood disorders such as depression. It is generally considered good for excessive fearfulness, hyperactivity, and irritable mood.

Historians believe sandalwood, and the fragrant oil extracted from it, have been important commodities since at least 700 BCE. The wood and fragrance are believed to have been first exported from India, along with other commodities such as spices and ivory. Hindu religious practices have long included the use of sandalwood cream, paste, or essential oil. Essential oil of sandalwood is typically extracted from the heartwood of sandalwood trees through a distillation process, though the powdered heartwood itself has also been used as a fragrance and as a medicinal remedy.


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Post 3

I'm not very fond of the scent of sandalwood. Some people like it and find it relaxing. That's not the case with me. That's why I only use sandalwood cream when I really need it, that is, when my acne spots get bad and when my face becomes red.

Sandalwood cream is soothing and it calms my skin. My cream also contains turmeric which is a natural antiseptic. So it also fights the bacteria that cause acne. So I use sandalwood cream as a spot treatment or an all over cream to soothe my acne prone, oily skin when it gets bad.

Post 2

My dad uses sandalwood shaving cream. He says it smells nice (apparently reminds him of the scent in the barbershop) and prevents redness and razor burn from shaving. I'm planning on getting him a couple of jars as a gift.

Post 1

As far as I know sandalwood has cooling properties. I had read about it some time back. Some people in India apply sandalwood cream or paste to their forehead in very hot weather. Applying sandalwood paste to the forehead also has religious significance for Hindus. It is believed to help open the third eye and assist an individual in spiritual awakening.

Medically, applying sandalwood paste or cream to the forehead may help open up blocked sinuses and will be helpful to those with chronic sinus congestion. But it's important to use a sandalwood cream that has enough sandalwood oil. Some sandalwood lotions carry only a small amount of the oil despite carrying the name on the label. Such small amounts may not be helpful medically.

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