What is Rosewood Essential Oil?

Misty Amber Brighton

Rosewood essential oil is an extract from the Rosewood tree of Brazil. This essential oil is produced by steam distillation in order to produce thin, clear or yellow oil. This oil is applied directly to the skin with a cotton swab or taken internally as a supplement diluted in goat's milk.

Rosewood essential oil can ease toothache pain.
Rosewood essential oil can ease toothache pain.

This product has a woody yet floral fragrance that is very light. For this reason, it often is used in aromatherapy. The fragrance of this essential oil is thought to have qualities that lift depression, increase mental alertness and add to a feeling of overall relaxation and well-being. It is quite possibly an aphrodisiac and often is used as an ingredient in making perfumes.

Rosewood essential oil is antiseptic, and may help prevent the infection of minor cuts and scrapes.
Rosewood essential oil is antiseptic, and may help prevent the infection of minor cuts and scrapes.

Essential oil made from the rosewood tree is known to deaden moderate pain without side effects. For example, this essential oil has been known to dull the throbbing of a toothache. This oil also helps to calm muscle fatigue and soreness or pain in the joints. Headaches also can be relieved by placing a drop or two of this essential oil on each temple with a cotton swab. It has a slight antiseptic effect that also serves to prevent and eliminate infections from minor scrapes and scratches.

Other uses include body massages, skin regeneration, removing stretch marks and as an insect repellent to keep mosquitoes, fleas and other biting insects from causing harm. When being used as massage oil, rosewood essential oil should be applied directly to wet skin and massaged deeply into tissues. When used on the thighs in this manner, rosewood essential oil can eliminate stretch marks and tighten and tone the skin to prevent new marks from appearing. It also tightens facial skin and helps it maintain a useful, vigorous glow.

Persons who have never used rosewood essential oil should first test for sensitivity to this product by placing a drop of this essential oil inside their wrist and waiting at least 24 hours to see if a reaction occurs. This product is safe for adults but should not be used on children or animals. Pregnant women should avoid taking this and all other types of essential oils, because their effect on a fetus has not been determined.

Rosewood essential oil is an aromatic essential oil with many healing benefits. This product normally can be found in health food stores. It is inexpensive, easy to use and does not require a prescription. Persons who are concerned about the potential side effects of modern medicine might consider rosewood essential oil as a practical alternative.

Rosewood essential oil.
Rosewood essential oil.

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Discussion Comments


This oil really does smell very nice. It's woody but kind of spicy and warm at the same time. I initially was planning to use it as an air-refreshener but now I use it as perfume!


@literally45-- I wonder if the rosewood essential oil you had was not fresh or too diluted? Because I use this essential oil to relieve my back pain and it works great. I dilute it with another oil like olive oil and massage it into my back when I have pain. Not only is the scent very nice, it does get rid of my pain within twenty minutes.

I suggest trying another, better brand and giving this essential oil another try. If it's pure rosewood essential oil, it will work. I love it.


I don't think essential oils should be taken internally. Just the other day, I heard about someone experiencing liver issues because of her use of essential oils. I don't know if there is a safe dose for these oils but most of us are not informed enough to know. So it's best to use rosewood essential oil topically. And even then, one should test for allergies first by applying a drop to the arm and wait for possible reactions. I personally always dilute my essential oils before applying them on my skin.

I'm not a huge an of rosewood essential oil though. I tried it a few times for sore muscles and didn't notice a difference. I think there are better essential oils out there for this purpose like wintergreen or eucalyptus oil for example. And I've never heard of anyone use this oil for a toothache either. Clove oil is usually the go-to oil for that ailment.

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