What is Rose Salve?

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Rose salve is an emollient that bridges two categories. It is considered to be both a beauty product and a healing ointment. Rose salve can be used to treat very dry skin, especially on the elbows and knees. Skin that is chapped or even cracked can be soothed and moisturized back to health with rose salve. The ointment can also be used as a beauty product to soften and moisturize skin on the face and the cuticle area on the hands.

The major difference between rose salve and other kinds of salve is the key ingredient, rose oil. The rose oil, combined with other emollients in the product such as lanolin oil or jojoba oil, help to soothe and moisturize the skin. It is also gentle enough to use on irritated, chapped, and cracked skin. Furthermore, the rose oil adds a nice scent to the product which many people enjoy.


Some people use rose salve primarily as a gloss for their lips. In order to serve these users of the product, a number of companies that sell this kind of salve package it in small tins that fit easily in a purse or handbag. Many people who use the salve apply it daily if not multiple times per day, so having it in a small container is quite helpful. While the salve soaks into the skin over time, it can be unintentionally wiped or worn away during such activities as drinking or eating, so it may need to be reapplied a few times throughout the day.

Other than the use of rose oil, there are not many differences between rose salve and other types of salve. In fact, some people believe that this kind of salve is simply tinted, slightly-scented petroleum and that it is a waste of money. Others argue that nothing heals their cuticles or softens their lips like this product. The best way to decide if rose salve will make a difference for one's skin is to give it a try. Many stores that carry beauty products allow customers to try the product before purchasing it.

Fortunately, this kind of salve is rather inexpensive. A tin of salve can usually be purchased for between two and five US Dollars (USD). This is good news for people who love the product and need to re-stock on a regular basis. It is also good news for anyone who wants to test the product without spending a fortune first, even if the store does not offer testing samples.


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Post 4

I love my rose salve! I got some from Bath and Body Works simply because it was on sale and my nail beds are horrible in the winter.

After reading the tin, I decided to try it out on my elbows as I have psoriasis and wow! Totally worth the money I paid! It takes the irritation away and smells a lot better than the ointments I was buying!

Post 3

I'm really scared to use some of these salves that are sold online. My friend who had a potentially cancerous mole on her back was told to use this product called cansema salve. Its supposed to be a skin salve that minimizes or removes moles. Well, she fell for it, found the product online and tried it. Later we found out that the site she had bought the salve from was an imitation of the original and the product was recalled! Thankfully nothing bad happened to my friend but please be careful about where you purchase such herbal salves (make sure it is FDA approved) and ask your doctor if it is safe. I doubt that there are too many imitation rose salves but double check anyway. There are people who only care about making a profit out there.

Post 2

The rose salve has sort of become a cosmetic product now just like more and more herbal salves are. But roses in general have been used for so many different things throughout history. Aside from its cosmetic uses such as rose oil for salves, soaps and perfumes, rose water is also a great natural tonic for the face. Rose petals and rose water are often used in food. Rose water is included in many desserts in the Middle East and rose jam on toast is a tasty option for breakfast. Rose petals are also used by themselves or with other herbs for teas, especially because its a good source of vitamin C.

Of course, different types of roses are used for different purposes but I think roses are quite the miracle flower.

Post 1

I'm so glad I found this article! I've been looking for something that could heal my chapped lips. My skin is very dry and suffers during the winter months, especially my lips. I wanted to buy organic but that can get expensive (like most organic products). The rose lip salve sounds like what I'm looking for, hopefully its completely organic. I will give it a try and see how it works. Thanks!

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