What is Rose Quartz?

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

Rose quartz is a kind of stone that exhibits tones in various shades of pink and other related colors. It can be pale pink, deep rosy red, and sometimes even light lavender. Like all other kinds of stones, it is made deep in the earth when specific minerals are subject to heat, pressure, or both. The internal structure of stones as well as their color is attributed to the specific conditions under which they were created. Rose quartz gains its color from small amounts of manganese, iron, or titanium.

Rose quartz can be colored a pale pink, deep rosy read, or even light lavender.
Rose quartz can be colored a pale pink, deep rosy read, or even light lavender.

This type of quartz is not considered to be a precious stone. Furthermore, it is at the lower end of the spectrum among semi-precious stones. The color is not considered to be as attractive as more brilliant stones such as amethyst and garnet. While there is some variation in the depth of color in these stones, they are hardly ever as pale as the average piece of rose quartz. Furthermore, the minerals within the quartz are photo sensitive. This means that, after a period of exposure to light, the already pale hue of the stone can fade.

There are other reasons why rose quartz is not prized as highly as some other precious stones. For one, it is neither completely clear nor opaque. The inside of a piece is often milky and varies in color depth. Also, the stone often has large flaws, such as visible irregularities or even traces of other kinds of stone. For these reasons, rose quartz is hardly ever cut into a faceted gem. Rather, the stone is tumbled and smoothed so that it simply has rounded edges. Therefore, it is often formed into round beads.

The first rose quartz was discovered in the United States, near Rumford, Maine. However, most in the North American market is imported from South America. In fact, most comes from Minas Gerias, Brazil. Although this stone does not have the same kind of popularity that others such as jade and turquoise do, it is often used as an accent stone along with other more brilliant ones.

In some circles, gemstones are believed to correlated directly to a mystical system of energies. Many earth-based faiths believe strongly in the magical properties of gemstones. In such belief systems, rose quartz is prized for helping individuals to attract love and overcome emotional pain.

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

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If you are looking to buy rose quartz, you should check out a rock shop or maybe even a metaphysical store in your area (which would probably have it in at least a tumbled stone). You can also search the net, but you won't be able to pick up or touch the piece in person.


In crystal healing Rose Quartz is also used for fertility, addictions, weight loss, circulation problems. Rose Quartz is even used in charms of protection for pregnant women and childbirth.

That's just a short list, rose quartz is very versatile and has many metaphysical properties.

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