What is Rodent-Proofing?

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Rodent-proofing is a task that involves making some changes around homes and businesses in order to keep rodents out. Whether mice or rats, or any other type of rodent, some basic steps can be taken to make the area less hospitable. Changes to the exterior and interior will effectively create a barrier to block the rodents out, and to keep them away. It will also take away what the rodents need to survive, forcing them to move on. Rodent-proofing is basically a series of improvements that can be done, such as cleaning up the surroundings and doing some light remodeling work in order to prevent rodents from having access to the building.

Cleaning around the exterior is the first step in the rodent-proofing process. The exterior of the building has to be swept up, and any garbage cans or dumpsters that are present need to be sealed and moved away, forming a distance barrier that many rodents will be afraid to cross. Clean up any food or garbage that has spilled onto the ground, and any trash piled around the building should be hauled away. This eliminates the exterior food sources as well as any nesting areas that have been formed.


The second step in the process is to clean up the inside of the building. The rodent-proofing process depends upon cleanliness, especially on the inside. Keep food picked up, sealed, and put away in containers that deny the rodents easy access. Make it a regular habit to move appliances and furniture to clean under and around them because this is an ideal hiding place for them.

The final task that needs to be accomplished is to fix any damage around the building. Look for any points where the rodents may be able to gain entry and repair them. If a basement has an old door, replace it with one that is sealed. If windows are broken, replace them. Any holes around pipes or wires going into the building need to be filled. Analyze the entire building and repair any points in the exterior where the rodents could come into the interior. The point of rodent-proofing is to take away all of their sources of food and comfort, making them move on to areas that offer them what they want and need.


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