What is Roach Gel?

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One of the most difficult pests to get rid of in your home or business are cockroaches. If you get a roach infestation, there are a number of remedies. However, one of the most effective remedies available is roach gel.

While roach spray and roach bait are both available to the average consumer they are typically of a lower concentration than what professionals use. This is because the high concentrations are rather poisonous and therefore require special training to properly apply them. As a result, over-the-counter sprays and baits, while helpful in eliminating cockroach infestation, are less effective than roach gel. In fact, this type of bait has become the remedy of choice by both professionals and consumers alike. Not only is roach gel easy to apply, but it lasts for up to six months and is designed to kill roaches in the places where they concentrate.

There are two types of roach gel available to the general consumer. The first is a gel-type bait that is made with Hydramethylon. This type of roach gel kills more slowly, but each roach that feeds on it can kill up to 40 other roaches. The second kind of gel bait is made with Fipronil, which kills faster but only affects the feeder.


While these two types of roach bait work differently, they are both made to last longer and be more effective than roach sprays. Additionally, it is important to note that they are not be used in combination with sprays or powders. Doing so can contaminate the gel bait, making it less effective.

Gel bait comes with a syringe. To apply it, take off the cap, trim off a small amount of the tip of the syringe, and place the tip on the surface — usually in the cracks and crevices where you see evidence of activity. Then, slightly depress the plunger. You can place several short lines of bait around roach traffic areas, in corners, around door frames, as well as in those places where you suspect roaches may be entering the home or building. After about 30 days, you should check all the areas where you applied the gel. If the gel is gone, add some more. If it’s not gone, you should apply new roach gel after 90 days to ensure that the bait is still effective.


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Post 5

Has anyone else noticed side effects from applying the gel in a small room? I'm feeling dizziness and a sore throat.

Post 4

I suddenly had a huge roach infestation in my apartment- I mean, they were on the ceiling. I freaked out! Other neighbors in the building did also. Exterminators were feeding them.

Roaches totally ignored Combat gel so I switched to Maxforce FC gel which made a big difference. I wanted to see even less so I got Maxforce FC Magnum gel from eBay. The roaches loved it. About four days later; no roaches. Make sure you seal as many cracks and openings as possible and use gel exactly as the directions instruct. Use gel in every room. Don't use roach repellents where you are using this gel. Repellents only make roaches move deeper into the walls and then appear in another area with more then before and makes bait ineffective.

Depending where you live and/or the people around you, you may never be completely roach free but down to almost none.

Post 3

What if you've tried everything from gels to traps and still have roaches? I have used what seems like every single roach killing gel on the market, and I still have roaches!

I have a lot fewer roaches now, which is good, but I don't want only fewer, I want none! I really don't know why their still here; I've tried every single roach gel, cream, paste and powder out there, and it's not like I have a dirty house or anything, so I seriously don't know what's going on.

I'm really going crazy though, so if you have any advice about killing roaches, please let me know. I am desperate to get rid of those nasty things.


Post 2

Oh. I didn't know you weren't supposed to apply the roach bait gel with other roach killers...guess that's why it hasn't been working!

Thanks for letting me know -- I thought that my house had super-roaches or something like that, since the gel wasn't killing them.

I will definitely be going out to the store later to get some more Maxforce FC Roach Gel and get rid of those little pests once and for all!

Post 1

OK, so I just moved into this new house, and it has a major roach problem! I am going to the store today to get some gel, but I don't know which brand to get.

Which ones do you guys use? I am debating between Maxforce roach gel, Combat Roach Killing gel, and Raid roach gel.

I've used Raid sprays before for wasps and I know they work really well for that, but what about for roach killer gels?

I'm king of leaning towards the Combat Roach Killing Gel, just because it sounds the most powerful, but after reading this article, I'm wondering if Maxforce might be better...

Can anybody advise me as to which one I should get?

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