What is Ripped Fuel 5x&Reg;?

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Ripped Fuel 5x® is a diet supplement manufactured by the company TwinLab®. There are several Ripped Fuel® products on the market, and some of the original formulas contained ephedra. These are illegal to sell in the US, though they are possible to find online.

The main ingredients in Ripped Fuel 5x® are caffeine, a few B vitamins, chromium, calcium, and two 5X blends. There is a "potentiator" blend containing things like black skullcap root, black catechu bark, and black pepper fruit extract and a thermogenic blend that contains cayenne fruit, rhodiola rosea root extract, cinnamon bark and ginger. The company claims that these ingredients will help with weight loss and building lean muscle, and they claim that their assertions are backed up by clinical research.

It might be important to take a look at the research, but it’s hard to find. Certain, B vitamins may promote slightly more energy. Caffeine definitely will, but it may be not be tolerated well by all people. Caffeine is a common diet pill ingredient and has been used for many decades. It has been indicated in the past in causing diet pill addiction and when overused, it may cause irregular heartbeat, insomnia, irritability and nervousness, especially if people continue to consume caffeine from other sources like in coffee or sodas.


One of the ingredients in the pills is chromium. This may have its benefits, however there are some significant downsides for people with diabetes. It may make people more insulin sensitive.

There are a number of people who should not use Ripped Fuel 5x® and these include women who are pregnant or nursing and anyone under the age of 18. There are also warnings that people not take this supplement if they have any type of chronic gastrointestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome. People should also avoid this produce if they have any chronic health conditions or are taking any type of regular medicine. Though some medications may be perfectly fine to take with this product, people should discuss the matter with their doctor’s first.

The claims made by TwinLab®, are obviously enticing. Who doesn’t want to lose weight and get lean muscle? It should be noted that since this product is marketed as a nutritional supplement, claims are not verified by the Food and Drug Administration.


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