What is Reposturing Dynamics?

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Reposturing dynamics is a bodywork technique developed by Aaron Parnell over a 10 year period starting in 1984. Parnell had training in traditional Swedish style massage as well as physiology, and when he worked on Olympic athletes during the 1984 Olympics, he started to consider the effects of muscle stretching combined with massage techniques. The result was reposturing dynamics, which incorporates yoga, stretching, and massage techniques for a full body workout. This bodywork style is suitable for a wide variety of ages and body types, as each session is adjusted to the needs of the individual.

The guiding principle of reposturing dynamics is that muscles relax if they are stretched. In addition to reducing the feeling of physical tension, relaxed muscles are also more flexible. Flexible muscles allow for a greater range of movement, are less likely to be injured, and have a much more rapid recovery time from serious injury. Muscles also relax when they are massaged, and reposturing dynamics combines these two principles to bring the body to a deeper state of relaxation.


A session often begins with a brief series of yoga poses to warm up and relax the body. The client is usually dressed in loose, comfortable clothing, and moves to the massage table after warming up. Together, the client and massage therapist work to release tension in the muscles through a series of coordinated stretches and massage techniques. Reposturing dynamics integrates Swedish massage, shiatsu, Trager bodywork, and Polarity therapy. The session is designed to bring balance and strength to the whole body.

In addition to providing increased flexibility and a stronger core, resposturing dynamics is also a pain relief technique. Parnell believes that the majority of physical pain results from using the body improperly and holding bad postures throughout the day. Reposturing dynamics is designed to address this problem, working with bodies of all shapes, ages, and sizes. The bodywork technique is especially useful for overweight clients, who often experience a greatly improved range of movement and general physical health by working with a massage therapist.

Massage therapists interested in learning reposturing dynamics can train at Parnell's San Mateo, California, facility. A 140 hour training program is offered to professional bodyworkers who have already completed basic certification programs. Clients interested in exploring reposturing dynamics can consult the Internet for locally based massage therapists who are certified in the technique.


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