What is Reiki Music?

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Reiki music is a type of music that is typically used with other Reiki healing practices, though it can also be used for meditation and personal use outside of any type of healing. This music is not necessarily a genre, but is instead any type of music either written or used with the express purpose of creating a greater sense of personal calm and relaxation. Reiki music is often very calming, lacking harsh notes or sudden changes in sound, and will usually be played quietly.

Often associated with Reiki healing practices, Reiki music is typically used to help a person relax and assist the person in entering a meditative or trance state. This can be done during Reiki healing or outside of a healing session, often helping a person enter into a deeply relaxing, meditative state. During Reiki healing, this type of meditative state may help a person receive greater beneficial effects from the actual physical healing process, or it may simply help a person relax and overcome stress.


Reiki healing is a practice in which healing is achieved through the touch of a Reiki master or practitioner. The basic idea is that a Reiki master can manipulate channels of energy that flow throughout a person and by doing this he or she can physically affect a person’s well being. Reiki music will often play during this type of healing session, and the music typically creates a soothing background sound that allows a person to gently enter into a calming or meditative state.

The use of Reiki music can extend beyond healing sessions, however, since it can also be used in a person’s home or at work to help him or her relax or played during meditation. Since this music is typically very calming, it can also potentially help others calm down or relax in an environment where the music is being played. Some proponents of Reiki music even assert that its beneficial effects can be felt by animals as well. If someone has a pet that seems to be experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety, then he or she may want to try playing this kind of music to help the animal calm down.

Reiki music is typically played at a low volume and consists of soothing instruments and notes. There will not usually be any sudden changes in pitch or tone, allowing the music to flow smoothly and naturally between movements. Most Reiki music will not have any vocals, or the vocals will be very light and may include chanting, often with no real lyrics and instead using the voice as another instrument.


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Post 4

"Ney Angelis" has beautiful Reiki songs and you can listen online.

Post 3

Where is a good source for getting reiki meditation music? Download sources or other "hard copy" sources are all welcome.

Thank you.

Post 2

Like reiki, the whole idea of using healing or soothing music to improve a person's wellbeing has a long history.

In both anthropology and music psychology, researchers are finding more and more evidence of the body's reaction to sound and sound patterns, especially music.

That's why reiki healing music, whether you use that music for reiki or for your yoga music, has a positive effect on your body -- it comes down to psychology.

Makes you think about the whole idea of "resonating" with something though, doesn't it?

Post 1

I'm usually not much on New Age music, but I do really like reiki music. I rind it very soothing for when I do yoga.

Luckily there's some sites where I can listen to reiki music online, because my local library doesn't have any CDs of it, and although I like it, and find it peaceful (especially Ajad's reiki music, he's my favorite), I still don't think I'd buy it...not yet, at least.

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