What Is Red Windsor?

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Red Windsor is a type of English cheddar cheese that is marbled with different varieties of red wine. It is made of pale cream from pasteurized cow milk. Most commonly found in England, it has a mild flavor and a semi-hard texture.

The appearance of Red Windsor depends upon the type and amount of wine used in its production. It can range from primarily white with light streaks to a darker pink color with less white area. The combination of pink and white can often make the cheese look like a piece of raw meat with a moderate amount of marbled fat.

Red Windsor is usually either marbled with a single wine or a combination of two different wines. Bordeaux is a common choice. Many of the cheeses are also made with brandy, elderberry wine, or port wine.

The flavor of the Red Windsor can vary dramatically, depending on the flavor of the wine. Many of the cheeses have a slightly sweet flavor that is reminiscent of berries. Heavier wines such as ports and brandy give it a stronger, more complex taste.

Red Windsor is often served on its own, rather than as a part of a dish. It is commonly seen on appetizer plates, such as dishes of assorted cheeses. Due to its sweet flavor, it has also been frequently served as a dessert cheese. It may also be served on top of salads, particularly those with mixed greens.


The cheese can be difficult to find outside of the United Kingdom. This is primarily because it has not been widely accepted by other countries. In many cases, it is only available as a high-priced export.

Some cheeses that are similar to Red Windsor include drunken goat, Cahill's porter, and white Stilton. Drunken goat is a Spanish goat milk cheese that is soaked in wine rather than marbled. Cahill's porter is an Irish cheese made of cow’s milk and porter beer. White Stilton is a dessert cheese, also from the United Kingdom, that is made with different kinds of fruit.

There is also a Red Windsor variety of apple. It is produced primarily in the United Kingdom as well. The apple is also known as the Sweet Lilibet, due to a contest in which the grower asked school children to choose a new name. Its coloring is a mixture of light and dark shades that are reminiscent of the cheese.


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