What is Pure Ephedrine?

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Ephedrine is a stimulant that has been used for centuries in Eastern healing. It originated from the ma huang plant and is used as an herbal remedy for many ailments including common colds and allergies. Ephedrine is typically prescribed as an asthma treatment or diet medicine. The chemical makeup and effects of ephedrine are very similar to most amphetamines. This drug produces an accelerated heart rate and can be dangerous if taken in high dosages.

Many energy drinks include small amounts of ephedrine. This product helps an athlete with blood flow and overall circulation. Because ephedrine increases the heart rate, the lungs can breathe more openly. Pure ephedrine is normally prescribed in a pill form. This medicine should be taken with plenty of water as additional blood flow will typically cause perspiration.

Ephedrine can be a dangerous drug and should be taken with caution. The Food and Drug Associations (FDA) has reported several deaths were caused by ephedrine-type products. In addition, hundreds of individuals have reported side effects including high blood pressure, insomnia, and seizures. Pure ephedrine should not be taken in excess of prescribed limits. Overdosing on ephedrine could result in stroke or heart failure.


Ephedrine was used in the early 1980s as the primary drug for treating asthma. This drug acts on the nervous system to increase blood flow to muscles. It helps asthma patients by increasing the bronchial flow for breathing.

Many dieters use pure ephedrine to lose weight fast. This drug is an effective appetite suppressant. It produces additional energy and increased heart rate, which results in significant weight loss. This energy is produced because ephedrine stimulates the central nervous system and bronchial tubes, which enhances blood pressure and raises the heart rate.

The effects of pure ephedrine are to produce an increase in metabolism, which stimulates weight loss. Many ephedrine drugs also include caffeine. This stimulant stack causes additional fat-burning potential, which can help with weight loss.

Ephedrine has been a banned substance for many professional sports including the Olympics and professional football. This ban was primarily based on the unreasonable risk to the athletes. Most athletes with reported issues have incurred heat stroke or increased heart rate while using this substance.

The FDA has been attempting to have all ephedrine-based products removed from the market. Pure ephedrine is still available as a prescription. Prescription ephedrine should not exceed 150 milligrams per day for adults. In addition, no other stimulants should be taken in combination with ephedrine as they may have adverse side effects.


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Post 3

I know that training athletes often use pure ephedrine HCL along with caffeine as a stimulant. Ephedrine gives energy, increases the metabolism and it's supposed to speed up fat loss. But many of these athletes end up suffering from high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, anxiety or high blood sugar.

I'm glad that ephedrine has been banned, but I think that trainers and coaches need to be more strict about it because it's still being used. They need to keep a close eye on their athletes.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- As far as I know, pure ephedrine is ephedra and that has been banned in the US, at least in supplement form. It's not allowed to be marketed as a weight loss pill.

Ephedrine that's sold behind the counter at the pharmacy is not the same thing. That's usually used for respiratory conditions, as well as in hospital settings. It is not used for weight loss.

You could find pure ephedrine pills or tea online but I highly recommend against that. It's dangerous to use ephedrine without doctor supervision and I think it might be illegal to import it as well, I'm not sure.

Post 1

Is it possible to buy pure ephedrine HCL without a prescription? What should I pay attention to when shopping for one?

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