What is Psychological Pain?

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When someone is experiencing emotional distress either from a current or past situation that has affected his life to some degree, this is known as psychological pain. Unlike the pain a person might incur from a physical illness or trauma, psychological pain is a form of mental suffering. To many who are afflicted with this form of non-physical ailment, treatment from a qualified mental health expert may be recommended.

Many forms of psychological pain can lead to severe depression and, in some cases, suicidal tendencies if left untreated. Psychological trauma can affect virtually every person in every age group. The causes of emotional suffering vary greatly.

Often, a traumatic event that has occurred in someone's life can produce symptoms of depression and severe anxiety. This can lead to mental pain and suffering if the individual cannot control her emotional frame of mind. The emotional pain can interfere with daily activities as well. Many individuals who have suffered a miscarriage, for example, have been known to suffer through severe depression and emotional pain. The symptoms differ from the physical symptoms the person may have experienced because this suffering is on an emotional level.

Another form of mental pain can be described as a lesser known condition called psychalgia. This can sometimes be accompanied by hallucinations or paranoia. The tendencies toward paranoia can lead to obsessive behaviors or thoughts, which can cause emotional pain as the individual's actions or tendencies spiral out of control.


Many forms of mental illness and disorders can cause psychological pain. For example, a person with a multiple personality issue may acquire characteristics similar to a feeling of torment or fits of rage and crying. This could be due to the person taking on traits of an anguished individual associated with multiple personality complex.

Children can suffer from mental pain due to various situations they might experience. Child abuse can cause a great deal of emotional damage and mental afflictions in youngsters who have been victimized. Another example of non-physical pain a child can experience might be due to bullying from peers or schoolmates. If they become extremely upset and emotionally traumatized from these events, psychological pain can ensue.

Whether emotional pain is present in a child or adult, there are treatment options available. Child psychologists and counselors are trained in treating children who suffer from the pain of emotional disorders and suffering. Adults can seek help from a qualified mental health professional who specializes in treating such conditions.


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Post 3

Bullying can cause real harm, even if the bullies never set a hand on your child. The psychological pain can be extreme and can lead your child to doing something everyone will regret.

In this situation it is particularly important that your child knows that you love him or her unconditionally. Sometimes they feel like the outsider everyone, and they just need someone who will love them no matter what.

Don't take it for granted that your child is doing OK. Tell them that you love them today so they know they have someone to trust and don't have to suffer by themselves.

Post 2

Psychological pain is the absolute worst because there is nothing you can really do about it except wait.

When my father died, I didn't really feel anything at first, but the first time I started dialing his number to tell him something, it really hit me that he wasn't there anymore, and never would be again and it was unbearable.

It's still unbearable when I really think about it, even five years later. I still miss him.

To be honest I think the only possible pain management for this is to not think about it. Not to not think about him, because I do that.

But, to not think about how I'll never see him again. That is a sore spot that will never really go away I think. I'll just get better at not prodding it.

Post 1

Psychological pain often manifests as physical pain as well. When I was depressed, I often felt completely spent, as though I had had a fever and was still recovering from it. No energy, and even getting out of bed seemed impossibly difficult.

I would get tension headaches that felt like an pick in my skull. I would get stomach aches as well.

When my mother is particularly shocked or upset, she vomits, so I'm glad I don't usually go that far.

I've also heard that people can get pains everywhere when they feel depressed, sometimes to the point where doctors think that it is a disease.

If you feel like this, you should get help and learn how to deal with emotional pain. Do it for yourself and the people around you. Whether or not you think you are lovable is not important.

What is important is that you are loved by someone.

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