What Is Psychic Meditation?

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Psychic meditation is a form of meditating that aims to give the practitioner increased mental abilities beyond normal perception through the five senses. Doing meditation with this approach involves first bringing the mind into a state of relaxation and thus allowing it greater access to the inner subconscious. This kind of meditation is believed to bring enough awareness to the active mind to come under the guidance of the subconscious. Seasoned practitioners sometimes report that this type of trance in psychic meditation can give them the ability to see others' auras, to learn information through clairvoyance, and even to view energy fields that are normally invisible to the human eye.

Experts in meditation often claim that learning psychic meditation is generally not an endeavor for novices, nor is it an easy one. Performing these meditation techniques can sometimes be quite mentally tiring, and the dedication to intensely focused daily meditation sessions is considered more than a casual hobby or relaxation method. Newcomers to these meditation techniques are also frequently advised to understand the nature of heightened psychic perception. Those who have studied psychic meditation at length often report that it works based on the principle that everyone has dormant psychic abilities and certain meditation methods will wake them up in varying degrees.


Doing psychic meditation can entail more than simply quiet focus. Meditating with certain crystals or stones is a common practice among some people who believe different types of stones can help with psychic development. This approach is based on the belief that each person has the potential for various psychic gifts. These can vary according to individual purposes for the newly-increased psychic abilities. Some people who wish to become more in tune with others' moods and feelings may meditate with aqua aura quartz. Others who would like to increase their clairvoyance might perform their meditation sessions with lapis lazuli.

An additional approach to psychic meditation focuses on seven centers of psychic energy located throughout the body. Although these points are often described as corresponding to the seven chakras, the emphasis on them is quite different from chakra meditation. Meditation on these energy points often comes with the goal of opening the mind's inner third eye that can be used to gain greater control over extrasensory perception, as well as over the connections between the mind and physical body.


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Post 3

@fify-- I don't do psychic meditation but my aunt does. She always tells me that no one was born as a psychic. Some people have an inclination towards it but it's a skill that has to be worked on and one of the most important tools in this process is meditation.

Basically psychic abilities rely on the information that is received from the universe. You can think of the universe as a network where information is constantly is moving. What psychic meditation basically does is that it helps an individual access that information but clearing the mind of thoughts and increasing awareness. This is really the first step to discovering what is beyond perception.

My aunt also says that with the right techniques, support and with patience, anyone can develop their psychic abilities. My aunt is a part of a support group which also gives courses on psychic meditation. Beginners can join these types of groups to get started.

Post 2

When I hear the term psychic meditation, I usually think of people holding hands around a table, closing their eyes and trying to talk to spirits. I didn't even know that psychic meditation is about accessing the subconscious. I thought that it was just a medium used to connect with spirits or to read people's thoughts.

Does anyone here practice psychic meditation? Can you share your experiences? For what benefits do you practice this form of meditation? And do you have any suggestions for beginners?

Post 1

I find psychic meditation intriguing but I don't think I would ever attempt to try it. The possibilities and consequences of an enhanced psyche sounds a bit scary.

I know that there are many things beyond human perception that we don't normally have access to. For someone experiencing greater perception for the first time, I'm sure that it must be strange and even a bit worrisome.

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