What Is Prostate Cancer Month?

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Prostate cancer month is a month dedicated to promoting awareness of and testing for prostate cancer. It also is a month dedicated to honoring the memory of men who have died of prostate cancer and those who have survived the disease. During prostate cancer month, health advocates, hospitals, physicians and groups that focus on men’s health issues encourage men to get tested on a regular basis and be aware of the symptoms of prostate cancer. Fundraisers for research, trials and organizations are also promoted. A light blue ribbon is usually associated with prostate cancer awareness month, and many people wear the ribbon to show their support for those fighting the disease. 

In the United States, national prostate cancer month is September, but there are some organizations that observe prostate cancer month in November. March is a month of observance and awareness for the illness in the United Kingdom. Australians designate November as prostate cancer awareness month. Other months might be dedicated to prostate cancer awareness in various countries.


November has been renamed as Movember by the Prostate Cancer Foundation as a way to promote prostate cancer awareness by having men pledge to grow a mustache for a month. Known fondly as Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, men stop shaving and the women support men in this endeavor — and some stop shaving their legs — as a way to promote the topics of prostate cancer prevention, awareness and prevalence. The social events dedicated to the growth of mustaches have raised great amounts of money since the promotional campaign was started in 1999, and thousands of men in numerous countries have pledged to remain unshaven throughout the month of November.

In the United States, the weeks in September have been designated to promote awareness of certain prostate cancer-related issues. Prostatitis week is observed September 10-16. The week of September 17 has been designated as prostate cancer week. Benign prostatic hypertrophy week is September 24-30. 

One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and it is the leading cause of death in men who are older than age 75. Even though prostate cancer is a prevalent disease, men’s health organizations still have not gained the type of national exposure that women’s health issues, such as breast cancer and ovarian cancer, have received. Prostate cancer is rarely found in men younger than 40, and a man is more likely to be found with the illness if someone in his or her immediate family has also been diagnosed with the disease. If the person is diagnosed early and the cancer has not spread, the cancer can be eradicated.


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