What is Premature Ejaculation?

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Premature ejaculation is a type of sexual dysfunction that affects men. It occurs when a man ejaculates soon after beginning sexual intercourse or even immediately upon contact with his partner's genital area. This typically results in the ending of the sexual act before either partner is ready for it to end, and it can cause a good deal of stress for both parties.

Though there are other types of sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation is considered among the most common. In fact, experts believe that most men experience it occasionally. It may occur more often in a man who is new to sexual activity, as a result of becoming overly aroused. As men grow older and become more experienced sexually, many of them learn how to delay ejaculation to allow for a longer and more mutually satisfying sexual experience. However, it can affect men at all ages, and in some cases, it may become a long-term, continuous problem rather than something that happens only occasionally.

Often, the cause of premature ejaculation is difficult or even impossible to discover. Sometimes, it may occur when a man is having sex with someone for the first time or when he hasn’t had sex for a long period. Some man may experience it in some sexual situations and during certain acts but not during others. In some situation, psychological and emotional difficulties, such as feelings of anxiety or guilt, may play a role, and depression may lead to it as well. It is also possible for certain prescription medications, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs to contribute to this problem.

Many men have premature ejaculation resolve itself without any type of medical intervention. They may become more comfortable with their partners or resolve psychological issues. Others may use distraction techniques in order to avoid ejaculating prematurely. Avoiding drugs, alcohol, and cigarette smoke may help some men, and even reducing their use may prove effective.

In some cases, a man may need the help of a medical professional. In such a case, a doctor may recommend some specific ways to delay orgasm, such as stopping sexual stimulation at certain points or trying other ways of controlling the stimulation that might ordinarily cause problems. Sometimes doctors may recommend using condoms to reduce stimulation at least a little, and counseling may help to deal with mental and emotional causes. There are also some antidepressants that are used in treating premature ejaculation.

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Post 3

@fBoyle-- What type of medications have you used? Have you tried SSRIs?

SSRIs are technically for depression and anxiety but they are also prescribed off-label for premature ejaculation. Many people have gotten good results with them, including myself.

I've also heard good things about topical creams to desensitize the penis. When sensitivity is reduces, ejaculation is delayed. I have never tried one but you might want to look into it.

Post 2

I've been dealing with a premature ejaculation problem since the past two years. I've tried prescription medications and herbal remedies but they weren't very helpful. The medications had side effects and only worked temporarily. The herbs did not help at all.

Has anyone here found a treatment that actually cures this problem?

Post 1

Premature ejaculation is really very common. My partner suffers from it and he thinks that he is the only one experiencing it but that's not the case.

I think that there is a strong psychological component to premature ejaculation. It can happen due to various reasons but if the man becomes fixated upon the issue or develops a fear of it happening again, it only makes the problem worse. Anxiety, stress and fear play a big role. That's why men who experience this need to first calm down and understand that this is a common issue and is definitely treatable. Not taking it very seriously and not allowing oneself to feel upset, angry or ashamed about it is the

first step for recovery.

I realize that not everyone has understanding partners and men become affected by this and feel that they are disappointing their partner. But no one should let this get to them. Mature people know that it's just a medical issue like any other. I think that partners should work together and look for premature ejaculation treatments that work for them. There are so many treatment options out there.

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