What is Precognition?

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Precognition is understood to be a form of extra-sensory perception in which an individual may experience a sense of events before they take place. This acquisition of paranormal knowledge about the future is not always considered to be definitive, with some supporters of ESP noting that precognition is often a warning of what will come to pass unless there is some change in the current set of factors surrounding the event.

In general, precognition is used as a collective term for more than one type of foretelling future events. Some psychics receive information about the future through a process that is referred to as presentiment. Within this concept of precognition, the individual receives impressions that are based in the display of a range of emotions surrounding some person or event. For example, there may be a sense of great fear associated with a person in the near future, with the impression being that the person is going to be physically injured in some manner. Another form of precognition is clairvoyance. This idea has to do with the reception of images that allow the psychic to view events from the eyes of another person, or as a third party observer.


With all forms of precognition, there is usually some sort of trigger that leads to the psychic experience. The range of triggers is very broad, and may include such factors as words, smells, handling an object that was recently in the possession of the owner, and sound. There are instances of some sort of precognitive activity taking place when shown a photograph or passing by a particular home in a neighborhood.

Believers in precognition stress that these visions of the future are not mean to be carved in stone. Instead, they are meant to serve as a foretaste of something that will take place if there is not some type or change made in a short period of time. One example would be that is a psychic had a vision of someone being attacked while on a particular street, the individual could avoid that location until the psychic sensed the time for the potential event had passed.

While the validity of precognition, along with other types of ESP, continues to be debated, there is no doubt that many people place a great deal of faith in the reality of this form of psychic expression. For others, it is an interesting entertainment option, while still other people believe the activity is connected with evil forces. Whatever the thoughts about precognition, no one can deny it is a concept that continues to attract a great deal of attention in just about all parts of the world today.


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Post 8

I have had some, but not all of these things happen to me. And nothing clearly. It's stuff like hearing the phone ring and feeling someone before they call. I have dreams that become real, also causing an overwhelming sense of deja vu.

Once I turning on the ringer because I had an urgent sense that my kids' dad was going to be broken down on the side of the road (and seeing him) and then getting the call five minutes later.

But it's all in such chaos in my head, how do you know what is real? How do you develop it into some sort of clarity? Is it just a normal "gut" sense of things, or are these things capable of being something clearer and easier to decipher?

Who can you turn to for reliable information? Not crackpots or "doctors" who believe in over medication.

Post 7

That answers a lot of my questions. That exact thing happens to me all the time.

Post 6

In the past I would receive sudden burst or thoughts off information. Often accompanied by seeing a flash off light that doesn't exist. I am trying to determine what type of ability this might be. I have never had a vision, just sudden knowledge.

Post 5

I don't know but, I have the same things to happen to me. I dream, catch vibes, etc. What is it?

Post 4

I get all kind of of vibes. Living vibes, dead vibes (lingering spirits of the dead), happy ones, angry ones, aroused ones, excited ones, jealous ones, cautious ones, you name it. I have a hard time deciphering each one, but I'm slowly getting better at it.

I have weird dreams. I dream of meeting people, days, weeks, months in advance. I dream of being places and doing things. It creates really frequent and really strong deja-vu. I also get day dreams that feel like memories or just passing thoughts that turn out to be a strong warning of what may come to pass.

It's not like anything I've seen has been major, but little things, like a friend

got $40 stolen from him and I had told him that very morning that he needed to be more careful with his stuff.

I'm pretty young. I'm a high school senior, just turned 18 almost two months ago. The vibes happen all the time, but I don't always remember the dreams.

I've found that the ability is genetic. Both of my sisters have similar abilities, and I've caught my mom abusing hers. My sisters suppress it. They don't want to deal with it.

I want to learn to understand it. I'm not too concerned with controlling it. Nothing is too vivid yet that I've been in danger of seeing or hearing something that has gotten me into trouble. I just want to sort of decode the messages. I went to know what it all means! I'm so tired of seeing things and not understanding them!

Thanks for reading.

Post 3

I have had visions of things to come since, I was about 5 years old. As I have gotten older these visions have become strong, clear and frequent. I use to see things 2 weeks before they were to occur and now I see them about 2 days before they occur.

I have seen numerous things to including: bombings of US Aircraft carriers(PamAM), Snipers (John Marvo- MD.VA.DC) and etc. These visions come to me at night when I am asleep and they appear as movie clips, not complete movies, just clips in bits and pieces.

This use to make me very uneasy, but, I have now learned it is a gift and not a curse. What books or websites can I use to help me with this gift?

Post 2

If you feel that you are experiencing any form of extra sensory or supernatural perception, the best thing to do is turn to someone who is an acknowledged expert with those types of events. There are several national and international associations listed online that could put you in touch with people who can help you. One warning - stay clear of people who say they can tell you all for a few bucks. Go with people who are up front that learning about your abilities will take time and hard work.

Post 1

hey, i have a question, OK..i'm experiencing few new things here, knowing what people are about to say, felt bad vibes, and astral projected many i'm new to all this and i'm not sure how i can categorize this stuff.

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