What is Pranic Healing?

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Pranic healing is uses prana, or life energy, to heal the physical portion of the human body. People who practice pranic healing believe that life energy works to keep the body alive and also allows it to remain healthy. Generally, practitioners manipulate ki, or matter, in the human body to provide better health and to speed the healing process.

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is credited with creating pranic healing. Those who follow his teachings have a fundamental belief that through pranic healing the body can repair and heal itself more effectively and quickly. In general, practitioners work under the belief that the body can heal at an accelerated rate when energy is increased on the injured or ailing portion of the body.

Practitioners believe that the body is surrounded by an aura that can absorb energy and allocate it, as needed, through various sections of the body, such as the glands, the organs, or the muscles. Practitioners clam it works because they believe the body initially feels the disruptions of the aura before they feel the ailment in the physical body. Once the aura is disturbed, the physical body begins to falter.


There are two “laws” to the methodology behind pranic healing. The first law is based on the body’s ability to recover and heal itself. For example, if a person is wounded, the body will typically take a few weeks to fully recover, even without antibiotics. If a person has a virus, such as a cold, the body will also typically heal itself in a set period of time, without antibiotics or drugs. The second law states that the body can heal more quickly if the life energy or prana on and surrounding the ailing area of the body is increased.

There are many reports of the effectiveness of pranic healing. For example, it has been reported to reduce fever, relieve toothaches, headaches, and muscle spasms, cure colds and coughs, and heal people suffering from heart disease, liver problems, kidney issues, and eye diseases. There are on-line and in-house programs that can teach people how to use pranic healing. In general, the techniques and fundamental principles can be learned rather quickly, although the actual practice may take years to master.

Approximately 70 countries have centers where pranic healing is practiced. Although people who use it should not replace traditional medicine with its use, it may be used to complement traditional medical practices. Specifically, if an ailment, injury, or symptom is consistent, a medical doctor should be consulted immediately.


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