What is Polihale Beach?

Diane Goettel

Polihale Beach is a beach in Hawaii that some people refer to as a "secret beach." A secret beach is a beach that is generally rather quiet, is off the beaten path, and may require some walking through the brush or even hiking to reach.

Secret beaches in Hawaii often require hiking to get to them.
Secret beaches in Hawaii often require hiking to get to them.

Polihale Beach is located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It is specifically located on the Na Pali Coast of the island. In fact, one of the most amazing things about Polihale Beach is that it is the beginning of the Na Pali Coast. The beach is known for its wondrous vistas and rolling sand dunes.

Polihale beach can be a very relaxing spot.
Polihale beach can be a very relaxing spot.

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Polihale Beach, like many of Hawaii's secret beaches, is not as accessible as most beaches. Polihale Beach has a unique feature of being accessible by a dirt road. If you have never driven on a beach before, however, be careful. Hawaiian locals are familiar with driving on sand. This can be a difficult task for people who have previously driven exclusively on paved or packed roads. Because Polihale Beach is a ways away from civilization, you will have a long walk ahead of you if your tires sink into the sand.

Many surfers make pilgrimage to Polihale Beach because it is known to be home to wonderful waves. A word of advice: Surfers, do remember that it is important to check with beach officials before surfing. Make sure to heed all warnings regarding the waters. If you are ever informed that the waters are unsafe for surfing, be sure to relocate to a safer beach. Although huge waves are an exciting prospect, be sure to stay safe so that you can still surf in the years to come.

Polihale beach can be a very relaxing and romantic spot. Because, unlike many other beaches in Hawaii, it is not dotted with dozens of other people, it is a very calm and quiet. The peaceful white sands of Polihale Beach can offer respite for the traveler who is looking to get away from the crowds. Even if you do find another person on the beach, there are fifteen miles of sand along which you can stake out your own personal slice of heaven for the day. Although the cities in Hawaii can be bustling, fun, and full of activities, there are also wonderful little corners of space like Polihale Beach that offer quietude and respite from the hustle and bustle.

Polihale Beach is considered a secret beach in Hawaii.
Polihale Beach is considered a secret beach in Hawaii.

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