What Is PMS Tea®?

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PMS Tea® is an herbal drink used to remedy the emotional and physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It contains a mix of herbs and other ingredients and is prepared and drank just like any other tea when a woman begins to experience symptoms of PMS. For some, this product can improve mood, aid in sleep, and reduce anxiety, all of which are common emotional symptoms of PMS. This tea can also help to relieve some physical symptoms, including cramps and bloating.

Each teabag of PMS Tea® contains a combination of several different dried herbs and spices meant to relieve the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS. These include dandelion and chicory root, both of which are thought to help to promote liver function, as well as nettle and parsley. Chickweed and cramp bark are also included, and tend to help naturally relieve the physical discomfort experienced by many women.


This tea is brewed by pouring about 1 cup (8 ounces) of boiling water over the tea bag and into a cup. The tea bag is then allowed to soak in the hot water, covered, for up to 20 minutes. After the steeping process, the tea bag is removed and one can drink the tea. Generally, it is recommended that PMS Tea® be consumed a few times a day for about a week prior to a woman starting her period if bloating is a common problem. Despite this, women can drink the tea only when they feel that it will help and still potentially reap some benefits.

This type of tea can sometimes help to relieve the emotional symptoms of PMS. It is believed that the unique combination of herbs helps to improve organ function in the body and level out hormones, making it easier for a woman to relax. Certain ingredients in PMS Tea® may help to support the liver, an organ partially responsible for reducing excess estrogen, which is believed to be responsible for some of the emotional ups and downs that some women experience during PMS. These benefits can help to reduce anxiety, potentially making it easier for a woman to fall asleep, which is another common issue caused by PMS.

Although the emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can be difficult with which to deal, oftentimes the physical symptoms can interfere with a woman’s daily life. Cramps are one of the most common complaints during PMS, and are similar to, yet slightly less painful than, menstrual cramps for some women. Certain ingredients in PMS Tea® may act as mild muscle relaxants, including cramp bark, which is named for this use, helping to ease pelvic discomfort. Bloating is also a common PMS symptom, and, as PMS Tea® can potentially support kidney and liver function, it may help to prevent a woman’s body from retaining water, relieving this symptom as well.


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