What Is Pineapple Whip?

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Pineapple whip is a type of dessert derived from pineapples and whipped cream. The outcome of the dish depends on the types of whipped topping and pineapples used. There are also different variations of pineapple whip, with some containing only the two primary ingredients, while others contain additional ingredients to create a rich dessert. The treat is a common summer dessert, due to the tropical nature of the fruit as well as the cool and refreshing taste of the cold whipped topping. If pineapple is not a person’s favorite fruit, other canned or chopped fruits may be used.

Traditional pineapple whip is made out of pineapples and whipped cream. Canned crushed pineapples are usually preferred, because they blend well with the cream, though pineapple chunks or fresh chopped pineapple may be used if a heavier dessert is desired. Cooks should keep in mind that crushed pineapple is a better choice if the dessert is combined in a blender. Additional sugar, pineapple juice, and lemon juice may be used for extra flavor.


Whipped cream is made out of milk and butterfat, and it is a common type of dessert topping. Heavy whipping cream is generally used for pineapple whip, because it stays in shape longer without becoming runny when added with other ingredients. Regular whipping cream and light cream can be substituted if less fat is preferred, but they may not hold the dessert together as well. The type of pineapple chosen may also dictate the type of whipped cream used in the dessert, as light creams work best with crushed pineapple since the cream might fall off of chunkier pieces of fruit.

This type of whip is served as either a chilled or a frozen dessert. For a simple chilled version, the pineapple can be refrigerated in advance before combining with cold whipped cream. For a frozen take on pineapple whip, the pineapples are combined with all other desired ingredients and frozen before served with the whipped toppings.

Pineapple whip may also be used as a part of other types of desserts, such as cakes and pies, as the mixture is generally added as a type of topping for these types of baked goods. Pineapple toppings can also be a tropical addition to ice cream and salads. When using the whip on baked goods, it is best that they are cooled before adding the toppings to avoid a melting effect.


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