What Is Pineapple Frosting?

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Pineapple frosting is a type of icing made by combining powdered sugar, butter, and crushed pineapple. Cream cheese could also be used, or the crushed pineapple could be substituted with pineapple juice. This cake frosting is typically served on a variety of plain cakes. It is normally a very sweet-tasting type of frosting with a light fruity smell. Many cooks like to garnish this homemade frosting with a slice of pineapple or shredded coconut for visual interest.

It can be very easy to make pineapple frosting from scratch, as only a few ingredients are generally needed. Some of the more common ones include powdered sugar, butter, and crushed pineapple. Cream cheese might also be used, and if this is the case, the butter is not normally needed. Cooks who like a little bit of texture in their cake frosting might add crushed pineapple, but the juice could be used instead if a smooth frosting is desired. When using crushed pineapple, it can be a good idea to drain the fruit first to keep the icing from becoming too runny.

Many cooks like to use pineapple frosting to top plain white or yellow cakes. This cake frosting could also be used on a pineapple-flavored cake or plain cupcakes. Pineapple frosting is generally preferred for plain cakes because the taste of the icing might not go well with cream-filled or chocolate ones.


This homemade frosting is generally very light in color. It may range from pale yellow to cream depending on how much pineapple or butter was used when making the icing. The frosting is generally smooth and easy to spread, even when crushed pineapple was used. Pineapple frosting made with cream cheese might nonetheless be thicker than frosting made with powdered sugar is.

Most people find this cake frosting to be very sweet, especially when made from powdered sugar. It typically has a slightly fruity smell, which is appetizing but not overpowering. The pineapple flavor of this icing is typically very light even when crushed pineapple is used to make it.

One of the reasons why pineapple frosting is popular might be due to the appearance of this topping. It can be an attractive addition to a number of cakes, especially when dispensed from an icing tube onto cupcakes. If garnishments such as coconut or slices of pineapple are added, the result could be an elegant dessert that is nonetheless simple and fun to create.


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