What Is Phone Sanitizer?

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Phone sanitizer is a cleaning substance formulated specifically for the surfaces of cellular as well as landline phones. Keeping either type of phone free from dirt, germs, and residue can sometimes be challenging due to how frequently many people use them. Some household cleaners can leave residue on a phone's surface that attracts even more dirt. Using some kinds of towels or cleaning cloths on a phone can also potentially generate static electricity that may damage a phone's internal circuitry. A few types of phone sanitizers are designed to remove dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens without these possibilities of damage.

Cleaning some types of phones can be done with disinfectants such as rubbing alcohol, although some phone manufacturers advise proceeding with caution. Using only small amounts of the rubbing alcohol will prevent drips that could possibly get into the phone mouthpiece and cause internal damage. A few manufacturers recommend removing cell phone batteries and storing them in a safe place prior to any cleaning. A wet phone battery can be expensive to replace, so some phone users prefer to use dry options for a phone sanitizer.


An ultraviolet (UV) phone sanitizer is an electronic device that aims a concentrated beam of light designed to kill the harmful pathogens often found on most phones. Many types of bacteria and viruses thrive in warm, dark environments such as keypad crevices. UV phone sanitizing devices are usually able to clear away germs in these places that are difficult to clean with other types of sanitizers such as phone wipes. Many health professionals recommend using some type of phone sanitizer on a regular basis because many phones can quickly build up high concentrations of harmful germs that lead to illness.

Wipes provide another option for using a phone sanitizer, and several kinds are formulated with disinfecting chemicals similar to those used for hospital equipment cleaning. People who clean their phones with these wipes often report that this is a simple way to reduce the chances of an infection. Phone sanitizing wipes usually break down and neutralize disease-causing pathogens such as salmonella, staphylococcus, and influenza viruses. Many people who travel frequently take along a pack of these phone wipes along with hand sanitizer to cut down on the risk of catching an infection from setting their cell phones down on many surfaces.


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