What is Phone Dialing Software?

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Phone dialing software is a software package that is used to perform mass telephone dialing. Software of this type is very helpful for structuring automatic calls to customers, such as welcome calls to new clients, or in conducting surveys or polls by telephone. Different types of phone dialing software are available for various applications, although most products function in much the same manner.

One of the most important advantages of phone dialing software is that it allows users to simultaneously dial multiple telephone numbers. As a connection is established with each call, the dialer triggers an automated message that lets the called party know what will happen next. In some cases, the message will ask the party to wait as they are connected to a live person. At other times, the party is asked to participate in a poll or survey, using the keypad of the telephone to log the responses. Most phone dialing software can efficiently handle thousands of calls simultaneously, assuming there are that many outbound telephone lines for the software to use.


There are several attributes to phone dialing software that make it a very popular business tool. One has to do with the creation and maintenance of telephone number lists. Most versions of this type of software allow the users to assemble multiple calling lists, assign each list a descriptive name, and save those lists for easy retrieval when and as needed. When there is a need to conduct a telephone campaign, all that is required is to load the pre-recorded message that the user wishes to share, select the correct list or lists, and allow the software to execute the phone calls.

Phone dialing software also makes it possible to manage a higher call volume while employing a smaller staff. Telemarketing companies can make use of this type of telephone software to screen outbound calls, effectively disposing of those that have busy signals or are not picked up within a fixed number of rings. Any calls that are answered can then be routed to a telemarketing agent at once, based on the way that the user chooses to set up the rotation of the available telemarketers.

Another application of phone dialing software has to do with political notifications by local governments or candidates in an upcoming election. Using a prerecorded message, it is possible to build lists of potential voters or citizens residing within the jurisdiction, and call out to each one. When a connection is established, either to a live person or to voice mail or an answering machine, the recording begins and leaves the intended message. This approach can allow politicians to reach hundreds of thousands of constituents within the course of a couple of hours, something that is hard to accomplish even using other forms of mass media.

While phone dialing software is efficient, some businesses choose to forgo the use of this tool. This is especially true with companies that wish to establish themselves as being more accessible and personable with their clientele. The idea is that the use of too much automation in the communication process is actually detrimental to client relationships, and that the customer should reach a live person without having to go through some type of electronic gate keeping system.


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Phone dialing software can also be abused by those unscrupulous telemarketers who use it to engage in mass calling. Sadly, "do not call" do little good when it comes to preventing telemarketers from snagging lists of phone numbers and calling them at will.

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