What is Peroxide Toothpaste?

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There are many types of toothpaste available today. Each type of toothpaste contains ingredients that are designed clean the teeth and gum area. Peroxide toothpaste is special toothpaste that helps promote whiter teeth. This type of toothpaste contains bleaching agents that help remove stains from the teeth.

Some toothpaste includes special bad-breath-fighting ingredients. These are designed kill germs and fight gum disease, which causes bad breath. There are several brands of peroxide toothpaste that include mouthwash. These help whiten the teeth and provide minty-flavored breath.

Tooth-whitening products are typically made from peroxide-based solutions. Most toothpaste that includes peroxide contains smaller amounts of peroxide than other teeth-whitening products. The whitening toothpaste does help remove stains, but it is typically weaker then professional bleaching products.

Tartar control is one of the most important reasons to brush the teeth on a regular basis. Tartar makes the teeth appear stained and eventually creates tooth decay. Brushing the teeth with peroxide toothpaste will help remove unsightly tarter and prevent the onset of cavities.

When selecting peroxide toothpaste, it is important to ensure it includes fluoride. This helps keep the teeth strong and helps to fight gum disease. Fluoride is typically provided during dentist visits, as it helps protect the teeth from cavities and decay associated with tartar. Most dentists recommend brushing the after meals with toothpaste that include fluoride.


Many peroxide toothpaste products cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. This irritation can be reduced by using a product with only a small amount of peroxide. If irritation occurs with usage, it is important to reduce or limit the usage of these products as long-term damage could occur.

Toothpaste containers are currently available in many shapes and sizes. These include both pumps and the standard squeeze tubes. Peroxide toothpaste is also available in small travel sizes that can be easily stored in travel bags.

There are many flavors of toothpaste available. These range from the standard mint flavor to kids' bubble-gum flavor. It is important to select a flavor that promotes adequate brushing. This will ensure that the teeth are cleaned on a regular basis.

Toothpaste is an excellent product to buy in bulk. This product has a long shelf life, which makes it perfect for long-term storage. Buying toothpaste in bulk is less expensive then smaller individual purchases.


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