What is Penile Trauma?

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The term penile trauma covers a range of serious injuries to the penis. Penile fractures and amputations, for example, are considered traumatic injuries. Injuries that involve penetration of the penis, such as stab wounds, may be included as well. Likewise, soft tissue wounds such as burns, skin removal, and bites may also fall under the heading of penile trauma. The treatment methods for trauma of the penis depend on the type of injury.

Penile fracture occurs when the spongy, erectile tissue of the penis ruptures. This can occur after the penis has suffered a blunt-force impact or when it is quickly bent while erect. In some cases, this sort of injury can cause trauma to a man’s urethra, which is the tube that carries urine to the outside of the body, as well.

Another type of penile trauma is amputation of the penis. This sort of injury occurs when the penis is partially or entirely severed. When the penis is completely severed, the urethra is severed as well. In many cases, penile amputation happens accidentally, though it can also occur as part of a violent attack. In some cases, however, men inflict this type of wound on themselves. For example, a mentally ill person may feel that his penis does not belong to him and decide to cut it off or amputate it because he believes it is harming him in some way.

Sometimes a man will suffer a penetrating injury to the penis. This may occur, for example, if a man is stabbed in the genitals, hit by shrapnel, or shot in the penis. This sort of injury may be more likely to result during a wartime battle than during the course of daily living. It is possible, however, for a person to accidentally poke himself with a knife while preparing food or stick himself in the penis with a very sharp pencil.

Soft tissue injuries to the penis are also considered penile trauma. For example, if a man suffers an animal bite in the area or burns himself on the genitals, this may be considered a traumatic injury. Another example of penile trauma is degloving, which occurs when a significant amount of skin is torn off the penis.

Treatment for penile trauma can be complicated, especially when the urethra had been injured as well. Surgery is often used to restore the penis to its normal state. Doctors typically administer antibiotics as well in order to prevent infection.

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Post 4

I would think that although it is something that is a horrible accident medical technology nowadays has advanced enough to almost re-create a new penis for someone out of skin grafting and maybe even by using stem cells.

I have heard stories of scientists doing this to create new noses and ears on rats so I have to wonder if it is possible for them to create something like a reproductive organ on a human being.

I am not at all a science person and do not know how far advances the technology is for this type of procedure, but I would think that it is not entirely as far fetched as one may be led to believe.

Post 3

I watched the television show Ripley's believe it or not one day and they showed a man that had an unfortunate accident to his penis and they were able to create a new penis for him by amputating one of his fingers and using the skin, with the bone taken out, to create a new penis for him.

I do not have any idea how hard it is for him to get an erection, but I would think that it is something that is not as easy as it was before the accident.

However, despite the trauma that this man has gone through I have to be amazed at the medical technology and the ingenuity they had to create a new penis for the man.

Post 2

@matthewc23 - I have heard stories of something like this happening and I have also heard of people bleeding to death because of accidental severing of their penis. I met someone once that almost died because of this injury and they said it was a very traumatic experience and had a long and slow recovery process.

I have also heard stories of people either having a re-attachment surgery or having a reconstruction surgery and of course the penis has trouble having a normal erection. This is very unfortunate and I did not dare ask this guy that question, but it is definitely something that can create life long problems for any man who has an unfortunate accident in that region of the body.

Post 1

I have heard that due to the number of blood vessels in the penis that if it is severed that it is very vital that someone go to the emergency room immediately or else they risk bleeding to death.

I do not know if this is just an urban legend or if it is true. I would assume that if anything were cut off someone would run the risk of bleeding to death, but I have heard the penis is a place of a lot of blood flow and there could be some validity to this story.

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