What Is Pear Tea?

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Pear tea may be a regular tea that is infused with a fruity pear flavoring, or it may be a brew that is concocted from an actual pear and have nothing at all to do with actual tea. The infused tea includes different types of tea, both black and white, which may contain a pear flavor or a combination of pear and other fruit or flower flavors. These flavored tea types can be purchased at many food and health stories as well as online, in packs, tea bags or as loose tea leaves, and, depending on type and manufacturer, may occasionally be somewhat expensive.

People who are used to regular tea or those who are accustomed to strong coffee drinks may not immediately appreciate the delicate aroma and flavor of pear tea. These types of tea do require a certain amount of taste cultivation, but many tea aficionados have come to appreciate pear tea for its light and fruity flavor. The tea can be brewed hot or it can be made up into an iced tea drink. This flavored tea generally does not require any sweetening, but some people to use honey as a sweetener.


The pear tea that is made from an actual pear is generally made by brewing the pear pieces with ginseng root, ginger, lemon and honey. To make pear tea in this fashion, a ripe pear is first peeled and its seeds and core are removed. The pear is then cut into small pieces or grated, and then placed in a pan containing water. The ginseng root, ginger, lemon and honey are added to the mix and the heat is turned on.

The brew containing the pear pieces may require to be boiled for around two hours or more until the right pear flavored tea is obtained. Such an infused tea is quite popular in China, Japan, Korea and many other parts of the world. The pear tea may be made to be drunk on a hot day, or it may have been prescribed as a traditional soothing remedy to treat a cold or a sore throat. Pears are healthy, delicious fruits that are rich in iron, folic acid and vitamin C, and drinking a pear infused tea can be a good choice. It is usually possible for most people, even young children, to drink pear tea without experiencing any kind of side effects or allergies.


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