What Is Pea Puree?

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Pea puree is a dish in which green peas are finely chopped to a smooth, pureed texture. This dish is often served as a side offering with robustly flavored meats. It can also be used as a first step towards including vegetables in a daily diet for young children and babies. Peas are often used in combination with mint and parmesan cheese to accent the naturally sweet flavor of the vegetable.

Sweet green peas are a garden vegetable that provide a mixture of savory and sweet flavor in each small pod. The rind of the pea itself is typically firm and soft, creating a burst of flavor that explodes in the mouth while chewing each mouthful. Peas are high in fiber and are often recommended by doctors to aid in digestion. They also contain large amounts of Vitamins A and C, as well as folate and thiamine.

Any variety of pea may be used in pea puree, and should be either fresh or frozen. Fresh and frozen peas that have been cooked have a crisp and juicy quality to the pod that produces a firm and sweet puree. The puree itself may also contain delightful small and zesty pea shell fragments. Dried and canned peas tend to result in flat, runny purees that are watery in texture and do not blend well with other flavors.


Pea puree recipes can include any additional ingredients that suit the preferences of the chef. This dish is often used as an accompaniment for full flavored meats, such as beef roast, lamb, and salmon. It can also form the base ingredient for a wide variety of soups. Peas blend well with heavy whipping cream, mint, parmesan cheese, carrots, and chicken broth, among other foods.

This dish is used as a common introduction to vegetables for children because it is easy on young digestive systems, contains essential vitamins and nutrients for growing bodies and brains, and is sweeter than most other green vegetables that children tend to reject. When made for babies, pea puree can be lightly seasoned with herbs, and additional milk based ingredients should be omitted until the child is older.

Special kitchen equipment is necessary to create pea puree. The vegetables must be chopped in a food processor or blender on a high setting to achieve the dish's fine and smooth consistency. Additional ingredients may be added to the puree during this blending process.


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