What Is Parsley Tea?

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Parsley tea is an herbal tea made from the parsley plant. Many people drink this tea because of its numerous health benefits. Some of the benefits of drinking the tea are said to include alleviating constipation, lessening arthritis pain and providing extra vitamins to the body. This tea can be consumed by people who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle or by people who simply enjoy the taste of herbal tea.

Bags of parsley tea can be ordered online or found in health food stores. Many avid tea drinkers, however, prefer to make their own fresh herbal tea. A person wishing to make his or her own parsley tea needs to cut up fresh parsley and let it dry. Once the parsley is ready, boiling water should be poured over the dried, chopped leaves. The tea should steep for five minutes before serving; any longer and it may end up tasting bitter.

Sufferers of chronic constipation are said to find relief from parsley tea. This tea works as a natural diuretic, so it can help to increase bowel movements and flush toxins out of the body. Drinking an herbal tea is often a safer alternative than using harsh laxatives and enemas on a regular basis. People who have bowel movements on a regular basis retain less water and have a better chance of losing weight than people who have trouble getting rid of bodily waste.


Arthritis patients who suffer from sore and stiff joints and muscles may find some temporary relief from drinking parsley tea. The tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to calm muscles. Drinking the tea plain with no artificial sweeteners is said to help patients experience the maximum benefits. The calming effects of the tea also may benefit women with severe menstrual cramps.

People who do not like to take vitamins or feel that their diet lacks the proper vitamin intake may want to try drinking this tea. Tea made from parsley can be rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, iron and vitamin A. Anemic patients may want to drink tea made from parsley to help add additional iron to their diets.

While many people can enjoy parsley tea without worry, pregnant women should avoid drinking this beverage. Large amounts of parsley can cause damage to the uterus and may even cause a woman to miscarry. People with chronic diarrhea also should avoid consuming this tea, because it will only cause more bowel movements.


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Post 4

@vogueknit17- not only can it help cramps, people sometimes use parsley tea to induce periods, and one of the reasons it is dangerous during pregnancy is that it can even induce labor. It also helps other urinary and digestive issues.

Post 3

I had no idea parsley could damage the uterus, or help with menstrual pain. I might have to get some- I love herbal and organic tea, but had not thought about parsley tea before.

Post 2

@starrynight - That sounds good. But, like the article said, parsley tea can really help get things moving so to speak. One my good friends suffers from constipation and she tried the parsley tea. She said it worked almost too well!

I would imagine if you aren't stopped up, the effects of this tea could be a little much!

Post 1

My mom has been growing parsley in her garden for years and I don't think we've ever considered making a tea out of it. We make mint tea with lemon balm all the time, but normally parsley is reserved for salads.

The parsley tea health benefits sound great, especially the anti-inflammatory effects. My mom suffers from mild arthritis so I'm going to suggest she try this. I think I may try the parsley tea also; I love tea and I would much rather get my vitamins from a cup of tea than a huge vitamin pill!

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