What Is Papaya Salsa?

Amy Rodriguez

Papaya salsa is an alternative to basic tomato-based salsa. Along with papaya, this type of salsa typically contains a mixture of various bell pepper types, cilantro, lime juice, onions and jalapeno peppers. Many health enthusiasts enjoy this salsa type because it provides a variety of daily vitamins and many nutritional benefits. This salsa is easily made at home with fresh produce, allowing the cook to vary the ingredients for a unique side dish.

A papaya.
A papaya.

The salsa can be spicy or mild, based on the cook's desire, although the basic ingredients usually remain the same. Adding more diced jalapeno peppers, or even cayenne peppers, will generate a heat to the mixture. The cook also should make sure that the papaya is ripe before adding it to the papaya salsa recipe. A ripe papaya retains a yellow skin color.

Jalapenos are often added to papaya salsa.
Jalapenos are often added to papaya salsa.

The could should be aware of the amount of lime juice that is added to the mixture. Small amounts of lime juice should be added to the mixture initially. An excessive amount of lime will overpower the overall taste with bitterness.

Papaya fruits are naturally high in fiber. Fiber aids in digestion processes, as well as contributing to the full feeling after eating a meal. A satisfied and full stomach will stop a person from consuming more food that might not be as healthful as the papaya salsa. As a result, a person can become healthier and leaner from eating this plant-based food choice.

This type of salsa also can be substituted for various calorie-rich sauces. It can be spread across a Mexican food dish such as enchiladas or tostadas, or it can add excitement to a basic egg omelet. Chicken and fish also can be dressed with this salsa, creating a unique taste blend between the meat and the fruit.

Cold and flu season might even be thwarted by eating papaya salsa occasionally. The naturally occurring vitamin C within the fruit helps fight germs, much like drinking orange juice. A person's immune system gains strength against invading germs, especially with the addition of papaya's high levels of vitamin A.

The potassium within the papaya fruit can help prevent muscle spasms, also called charley horses. Muscle spasms can occur if the body is deficient in potassium. Eating potassium-rich papayas, as well as the common banana, can help prevent these painful occurrences.

Consuming papaya salsa on a regular basis will eventually reduce harmful cholesterol levels. Natural antioxidants within the papaya help stop cholesterol from forming within the blood vessels. The lack of cholesterol formation allows vessels to remain open to blood flow, impeding the chance of heart-related disease.

Bell peppers are a common ingredient in papaya salsa.
Bell peppers are a common ingredient in papaya salsa.

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