What is Outdoor Carpet?

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Designed for use outside the home, outdoor carpeting is manufactured to be a sturdy covering for such sites as decks, patios, and walkways. Generally marketed as indoor/outdoor carpet, this surface covering is often made from weather resistant materials that hold up well in rain, sun, and snow. It is often composed completely of synthetic materials, making it relatively inexpensive.

Carpet of this type is intended to provide both function and style to an outdoor area. Patios are often constructed from concrete, which is functional but hard on the feet and usually not very interesting to look at. Adding carpet to the area helps to provide a touch of color to the space that can work well with the selection of patio furniture.

In addition to infusing the space with color, the carpet is also practical in two ways. It provides traction when the patio floor is wet, which means less chance of someone slipping while walking across the space. Second, the outdoor carpet provides a small amount of cushioning and protection from the cold for bare feet.

Outdoor carpet is usually made of durable, synthetic materials, with polypropylene being the most common. These fibers tend to hold up well under direct sunlight, which means the color of the carpet will not fade quickly. Because the material is water repellent, rainwater will run off it and the carpet will dry without developing an bad odor.


This type of carpeting is typically not installed over a pad, and many carpets are specifically designed to be glued directly to the concrete or other flooring. With a range of designs that include a grassy texture to a marbled carpet pile, it is relatively easy to install, requires very little maintenance, and may make an outdoor space more usable.


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