What Is Organic Ice Cream?

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Organic ice cream primarily consists of ingredients that are derived from products from cows that were fed organically-grown foods. Some brands of organic desserts also contain soy milk as an alternative to animal products. Sugars and other types of sweeteners used in such treats are also originally grown organically. Available in a wide range of flavors, organic ice cream has become increasingly more available in major supermarket chains. In order to ensure that all products are truly organic, some ice cream enthusiasts decide instead to make their own versions at home.

Foods are considered to be organic if they consist of materials that are not treated with herbicides and pesticides. Cows are fed organic grains and feed when their milk is used to make corresponding dairy products, such as ice cream. Organically-fed cows are also not treated with antibiotics, and they are generally given more room to roam on the farm as opposed to those residing on farms for traditionally-treated milk. Many types of organic ice cream also contain eggs from free-range chickens.


When consumers choose to eat ice cream that is organic, they must look for versions that are specifically labeled as such. An ingredient label will detail whether or not that particular brand of ice cream contains cream, eggs, and milk that are all organic. Sweeteners, such as sugar and agave nectar, should also be labeled as organic. Some brands can be deceiving, as their ingredients might only contain a few truly organic ones. This is why it is important for shoppers to carefully look at food labels to determine a real brand of organic ice cream.

Frozen desserts are available in a wide range of flavors, and organic ice cream is no exception. One thing that shoppers should consider is that the more complex the flavor, the less likely that a certain brand of ice cream is organic. Fruity brands of this ice cream should utilize fruits grown without pesticides. Chocolate and other richer flavors of ice cream are sometimes less likely to be organic because the ingredients are more complex. In some cases, a brand can contain basic ingredients that are organic, but traditionally-grown flavors.

Some dessert enthusiasts opt to make their own organic ice cream at home instead. Not only is the process fun, but consumers can also help to ensure that all ingredients that are used are truly organic. All of the dairy products and sweeteners needed should be organic. In some cases, organic soy milk can be substituted for the traditional cow’s milk.


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Post 2

@ocelot60- I love ice cream, but I am trying to eat healthy and avoid too much fat. I discovered this type of ice cream when looking for a substitute.

Organic soy ice cream is a great alternative to regular organic ice cream because it is tasty yet not too fattening. To answer your question about taste, yes it does have a nice flavor, especially chocolate organic ice cream. It doesn't taste as rich as regular ice cream, but if you want a healthier solution for your ice cream cravings, it's not too bad.

Post 1

Organic ice cream made of soy really doesn't sound very appetizing or like it would have a pleasant flavor. Has anyone ever tried it?

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