What Is Organic Grape Seed?

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Organic grape seed is a natural product containing various substances that might improve health when taken as a dietary supplement. It can be purchased as tablets, capsules, and liquid in health food stores and over the Internet. Organic grape seed oil used in cooking is valued for its high smoke point, while skin-care products containing the oil might help repair damage caused by aging.

Grape seeds contain linoleic acid, vitamin E, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complex (OPC) chemicals that might offset damage in the human body from free radicals. Free radicals enter the body from toxins and pollutants that alter normal cells. This damage is linked to aging, cancer, and heart disease.

Most studies on organic grape seed supplements involved animals, but some research on humans shows promise for treating high cholesterol. One research project used grape seed extract in combination with chromium, which lowered harmful cholesterol levels in study participants. Scientists also tested the substance in heavy smokers for four weeks. Their levels of bad cholesterol dropped after taking organic grape seed extract.

Another study tested organic grape seed on patients who underwent surgery for breast cancer. Women given supplements of grape seed extract healed faster and suffered less swelling at the surgery site than women who did not take supplements. Similar results occurred in research with people who suffered sports injuries.


Red wine made from grapes also contains flavonoids that might lower harmful cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease. Doctors commonly refrain from advising patients to begin drinking alcohol to address health concerns because of the ill social and physical effects of alcohol abuse. Obtaining flavonoids through organic grape seed capsules might offer an alternative option to drinking.

OPCs have been shown to help people with chronic venous deficiency ailments. This condition occurs when blood collects in the legs, leading to swelling that usually causes pain. The enlarged veins might be visible on the surface of the skin when this disorder exists. Some people also believe grape seeds improve night vision and helps with hemorrhoids and diabetes.

Test tube research shows organic grape seed compounds might address several types of cancer. Scientists explored the benefits in connection with prostate, breast, stomach, lung, and colon cancer. It might also reverse cell damage in cancer patients who receive chemotherapy treatments.

Organic grape seed oil allows cooking at high temperatures because of its high smoke point. It might be suitable for deep-fried foods, which require extreme heat to brown properly. The oil also serves as a base in aromatherapy products because it absorbs other oils when mixed.


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