What Is Organic Chlorophyll?

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By definition, no man-made materials can be used in any part of the organic growing process; this includes the use of fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. Instead, naturally occurring substitutes must be found, such as using compost for fertilizer, or else nothing should be used. Crops produced in this manner are considered organic, and products made from them may be labeled as such. Organic chlorophyll is a type of natural supplement, typically made from crushed and powdered alfalfa leaves that have been grown following strict natural-growing guidelines.

Chlorophyll is the organic molecule that lets plants convert sunlight into energy. There are many sources of organic chlorophyll, since it is a naturally occurring molecule that gives plants their green color, but the vast majority of supplements are made with alfalfa. People may also choose to grow and use wheat grass as a source of organic chlorophyll, especially since raising it at home gives the grower complete control over the process. Sprouts are another popular type of supplement that are typically grown at home but can often be purchased in stores that carry fresh, organic produce.


The advantage of using organic chlorophyll is that there are no unwanted ingredients related to the growing process that may be concentrated along with the beneficial components. Many people have concerns that chemicals used on the alfalfa or other green crops, particularly pesticides and fertilizers, will result in the supplement doing more harm than good. They fear that they may be ingesting significant amounts of carcinogens along with the chlorophyll, and choose to use organic products to avoid this risk.

A significant benefit of chlorophyll is that is has been found effective in reducing inflammation and in combating certain negative effects on the liver and other organs caused by eating spoiled or moldy foods. According to research released by Oregon State University, the use of chlorophyll can be of significant value for people who live in areas where exposure to such foods is unavoidable. It has also proven helpful for people who have irritable bowel syndrome or similar inflammatory problems.

Other benefits of organic chlorophyll is that it can be used to lessen or eliminate various types of body odors in both people and animals. It may be an effective remedy for bad breath, especially that caused by digestive issues, as well as potentially offensive odors from people who consume a lot of strong foods such as garlic and onions. When given to an animal in season, particularly a dog, it will minimize her natural odor that serves as an attractant to males, though it should not be considered an effective means of canine birth control.


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