What Is Organic Chlorella?

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Organic chlorella is a type of freshwater algae that contains a high amount of essential nutrients. Chlorella gets its name from its rich chlorophyll content that is much greater than the amount in any other plant. It can only be considered organic when grown in pure water in an area free of pollutants. Organic chlorella is completely natural and free of any chemicals. It has become a popular supplement sold in many health food stores due to its health benefits.

Chlorella is a tiny, single-celled organism that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Its diameter can range between 3 and 8 microns, or millionths of a meter. Organic chlorella has a deep green color because of its high chlorophyll content, which provides many of the benefits of this microscopic plant. One important benefit is the ability of organic chlorella to help remove toxins such as lead, cadmium, mercury, pesticides, and other harmful materials from the body.


The outer cell wall of this beneficial plant contains the agents that bind with toxins, helping to flush them from the body. Toxins are stored in the fat cells and transported by the blood, and organic chlorella can purify the blood as it removes toxins from the fat cells. The human body cannot digest the plant's tough, fibrous cell wall in order to receive the benefit of these detoxification constituents, however, so only the type of algae advertised as broken-cell wall chlorella can make these healing components bioavailable, or able to be fully utilized by the body. Organic chlorella must be taken daily for a minimum of three to six months in order for the detoxification process to begin.

Some consider organic chlorella a superfood because this tiny plant is so densely packed with nutrients. More than 50% of the organism is made up of protein, making it an excellent food for vegetarians. Organic chlorella also contains vitamins including A, C, D, E, and the entire B complex. It contains the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc. All of these nutrients are in a form readily absorbable by the body, unlike some of the cheaper vitamin and mineral supplements on the market.

Chlorella contains digestive enzymes like pepsin and can ease digestive problems while freshening breath and reducing body odor. Studies have shown that chlorella is effective in the treatment of anemia since it promotes the production of red blood cells. It strengthens the immune system and has shown promise in the treatment of cancerous tumors.


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