What Is Olive Oil Cleanser?

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Olive oil cleanser is a beauty product that is used to clean the skin and remove impurities. Typically used as a liquid facial cleanser, the main ingredient is natural olive oil, although other ingredients are often added. Many people use olive oil cleanser to treat oily skin and acne breakouts, although it is not recommended for all skin types. Olive oil cleanser may be store-bought or homemade and may also be used as a hair conditioner. Some olive oil products are certified organic, meaning no added chemicals or preservatives are used to make the preparation, while others are hypoallergenic.

Typically, olive oil cleansing products contain natural vitamin E. Some store-bought olive oil cleaner products may contain synthetic fragrance. Products containing synthetic ingredients may not be hypoallergenic, unless listed on the packaging. A hypoallergenic olive oil cleanser generally means it may be less likely to cause an allergic skin reaction.

As a ready-made beauty product, olive oil cleanser is typically sold in bottles. The cleanser is generally applied to the skin using a cotton ball or washcloth. Alternately, olive oil cleansing products may be available in a pump dispenser. Some olive oil cleansers are created by cosmeticians or approved by dermatologists. Olive oil cleansers are also designed for hair care and may be used as a leave-in treatment.


When mixed with water, olive oil facial cleanser will typically produce a foam. The lather generally has the same consistency as most liquid soaps, and some people prefer to use the oil as a daily cleanser in place of soap and moisturizers. Unlike many liquid soaps, olive oil cleansers do not usually cause dry skin or flakiness.

Although some people believe that using oil on the face may worsen oily skin, many beauty experts recommend this product for dissolving dirt and oil. Made with extra virgin olive oil, the cleanser is believed to wash away impurities that clog pores, and may help prevent future acne flare ups, according to experts. In addition, olive oil cleaners are sometimes used as a make-up remover.

Homemade olive oil cleanser is sometimes prepared using other natural ingredients as well. Adding organic aloe to the cleanser may condition and soothe the skin. Those with oily skin may prefer to use two parts tea tree oil with one part olive oil. To hydrate dry skin, adding almond oil is recommended. Lavender oil, which has antimicrobial properties, may also be added to olive oil cleanser, to treat acne or eczema.


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