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Ocuvite® is a supplement made from natural ingredients that is thought to help with macular degeneration caused by the aging process, as well as some degenerative eye diseases. Although the use of supplements has not been thoroughly tested or proven to work at preventing certain eye disorders, it has been shown that certain vitamins and minerals may prevent the illness from resulting in further damage to the eye and causing eventual blindness. The same ingredients can be found in foods, but due to increasingly bad eating habits in many areas of the world, taking a supplemental treatment can be beneficial. Ocuvite® also provides all of these ingredients in one concentrated form, making it easier for many people to get all of the nutrients they need.

Although proper diet and nutrition may not fully prevent all eye disorders, malnutrition has been shown to be a risk factor for their development. This suggests that having proper quantities of certain vitamins may ward off degenerative disorders and blindness. Ocuvite® contains the vitamins C and E, along with beta-carotene and other important nutrients that may slow down or halt the progression of age-related macular degeneration or AMD.


There are two types of this supplement available: Ocuvite® PreserVision® and Ocuvite® Lutein®. Both supplements contain vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and zinc, but the Lutein® version also contains certain other carotenoids. Both are manufactured by the company Bausch and Lomb®, and come highly recommended by eye doctors for the prevention of blindness in patients with AMD.

Further studies are needed to determine if this supplement is beneficial for those who do not suffer from a degenerative eye disorder, but the research done so far has confirmed that beta carotene — most commonly found in bright orange fruits and vegetables, like carrots — and vitamin A are important for maintaining vision health. This leads many researchers to believe that certain supplements may prove beneficial for those whose diets do not include enough beta carotene rich food.

In most cases, despite the research showing that some supplements can prove beneficial for even currently healthy eyes, Ocuvite® in particular is not recommended for those who do not have AMD or another degenerative disorder. This is mainly because the supplement contains high levels of zinc, a mineral that is important for eye health, but that in high quantities can lead to more serious issues like hair loss and prostate cancer.

Many pharmacies or eye doctors have generic eye supplements available that are generally of the same quality as the name brand. This allows patients with lower incomes to take advantage of the benefits of this supplement without the higher price. It should be noted that, despite the benefits of such products, the best way for maintaining optimum health and vitality is through proper diet and exercise.


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I am also wondering about any side effects and if this would be good for someone who has had a parent who had macular degeneration.

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What is the source of the gelatin? Is it veggie or animal, and if animal, is it pig or cow?

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What are the side effects of ocuvite?

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Can ocuvite help cataracts to get smaller?

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Does Ocuvite have any side effects that we should be aware of?

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