What Is NGO Consulting?

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Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), just like business ventures, usually require some form of guidance in terms of the manner of operation and proper types of strategies to apply in various situations to achieve their objectives. In this sense, NGO consulting refers to a situation where an NGO seeks the services of an independent consulting firm for various purposes. These services range from research into various areas, guidance on the issue of fundraising, tips on how to strategically position the organization, and tips on how to conceptualize and execute projects.

Most startup NGOs do not really have the necessary business acumen to really steer their organization in the path of success as a result of ignorance regarding the proper way to apply business principles toward the effective running of an NGO. The reason for this is usually the result of the fact that the founders of such organizations might have an altruistic aim for establishing the nonprofit without really deeply considering other aspects that will make the NGO successful. This is where the necessity for NGO consulting becomes apparent since such consultants are usually seasoned professionals with experience in providing the necessary framework for the establishment of an effective management system that will lead to a successful NGO.


NGO consulting involves the analysis of the area in which the NGO is focused, which is the reason for establishing the NGO. All NGOs have their own manifestos, which include acts like providing water to communities that lack enough of the resource as well as feeding the hungry. Through the process of NGO consulting, the best way for carrying out such defined missions will be mapped out, and other related factors like the development of a financial calculator to help in the assessment of the cost for such missions will be determined. With this knowledge that is gained through the analysis during NGO consulting, the organization will be able to work with the consultants to find out how much the NGO will require for their projects and the exact scope of any future projects.

Part of the activities of during the NGO consulting is for the consultants to help the NGO develop a framework for raising money. For NGOs, the method of achieving this aim is usually through the process of fundraising. Organizing an effective fundraising is not something that most NGOs are capable of doing on their own, making it even more pertinent for them to resortt to NGO consulting as a means of achieving this.


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