What is Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment?

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Tinnitus is ringing, buzzing, humming or whistling sounds in the ear without an external source. The condition is caused by another disorder, usually from aging, trauma, anxiety or a middle ear infection, and each person’s symptoms and experience of tinnitus is very different. The neuromonics tinnitus treatment treats the underlying neurological issues of tinnitus by changing or creating new neurological connections in the brain. These new auditory pathways assist the brain in filtering out the symptoms of tinnitus.

The effects of tinnitus are broad, but the most debilitating is the emotional response that the brain forms with the sounds. As a result of hearing loss, the everyday sounds the brain naturally filters out become recognized and more noticeable; the brain also compensates for hearing loss by making auditory functions more sensitive. As the sounds are usually disturbing or harsh, a person may begin to feel anxious or stressed when they hear the sound, and the brain in turn begins to attach these feelings to the sound. This cycle continues and not only creates deeper changes in the auditory pathways, but also creates quality of life issues, as many people develop anxiety issues, sensitivity to sounds and a decreased ability to concentrate.


The neuromonics tinnitus treatment requires that a person listen to music through a specialized device with headphones for a few hours each day. Audiologists assess each patient individually to create a hearing loss profile to be used when creating a specific sound program. Each acoustic stimulus is customized to different sounds and audio frequencies to allow the brain to build new auditory pathways that will filter out the tinnitus sounds. The sounds or music is usually relaxing and quiet enough to allow the person to hear other sounds as well. Most physicians will require the person to wear the device everyday for two to four hours for the first two months, and the treatment usually lasts four to six months.

The neuromonics tinnitus treatment device can usually be worn during the day while completing other activities, and some people will even benefit from wearing the device while they sleep. After the treatment period, most people will only wear the device to maintain their condition. While the neuromonics tinnitus treatment does not cure tinnitus, it does reduce sensitivity to the sounds, so a patient is either unaware of them or is no longer troubled by the them.

As each person’s tinnitus is completely unique, the neuromonics tinnitus treatment may not benefit everyone. It tends to be less beneficial for people with extreme or fluctuating hearing loss, people who do not have time to wear the device on a consistent daily basis or those who cannot remove themselves from situations that may have caused the tinnitus in the first place. Also, the cost of neuromonics tinnitus treatment can be expensive, and not all insurance plans will cover this cost.


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