What is Nestin?

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Nestin is a type-five intermediate filament protein (IF) which is found naturally in the body. It serves a number of functions, such as being used as a marker or indicator of increasingly migratory cells. This means that medical analysts use this protein to actually determine if a person is experiencing cell growth or if certain body cells are actually breaking down or transforming into other dangerous agents like breast cancer cells. In addition to this, nestin performs a rather complex role in regulating the assembly or disassembly of intermediate filaments.

Together with other proteins in the body, nestin actually participates in cell restructuring and may have a function in ridding the body of malignant or cancerous cells. As cells degenerate due to toxins, oxidation and other factors, it is believed this protein helps to repair or simply regenerate them. This process leads to muscle and body tissue growth. Cell, muscle, and tissue regeneration and repair are very important processes for the health and longevity of the human body.


Researchers have reported that this structural protein may one day assist doctors in diagnosing and further treating basal epithelial breast cancer. Previously, this deadly disease was largely mysterious and could only be discovered and cured by mere coincidence. Basal epithelial breast cancer has been earmarked as catering to 17 to 37 percent of all breast cancers. It is believed by many professionals that nestin levels play a very important role in reducing cases of breast cancer worldwide.

People suffering from a deficiency of nestin may never be able to know whether there is something wrong with their central nervous system. In addition to this, women may also never be able to know that something is wrong with their breasts, particularly when it comes to basal epithelial breast cancer. There are, however, certain nestin supplements one can take in order to restore the balance of proteins in the body, many of which are only available on prescription.

Other forms of cancer may be prevented, detected, or even treated by the functions of natural or synthetic nestin. Research continues, so it is not certain how large the impact of this protein is on cancer. Very little detail is known about its intricate functions and even regulation. Studies continue to counteract each other, and nothing concrete can be stated. It is not in question, however, that nestin is important to the human body for regrowth and internal health.


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